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What is drop bombs?

When an individual drops a particularly insightful piece of knowledge on another individual in an unexpected situation causing a monumental efffect, like the effect of a bomb dropping.

Did you know that the first crusade was launched in order to pillage the holy land and increase the circulation of gold and silver coinage in northern-europe?

No i didn't, and i don't want you dropping knowledge bombs on me while im trying to shark on a girl in a nightclub

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Drop bombs - what is it?

when you stand up, usually on top of a toilet, or on top of the stalls in a bathroom ect.. or even something as weird as on top of a cliff or in a tree, and you poop and let it fall to the ground or into the toilet.

when chad mecca tried to bomb drop at my house, he got shit all over my toilet and floor.

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What does "drop bombs" mean?

A phrase referring to how instead of killing multiple people in warfare just smoke it up and everything will be fine. Yet the government prohibits anyone from doing drugs or any mind altering substances. Instead they go and strip other countries of their oil, fuck Korean sex slaves, and blow up other countries. Seriously...fuck war, pass the bong.

News reporter: Last Sunday a large bomb assault was launched on the tali ban.

Man: Why doesn't America fucking get it man!? Don't drop bombs drop acid! (While probably on acid)

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Drop bombs - what does it mean?

The practise of air dropping memes, photos etc to random people in your vincinity.

Zoe I drop bombed the cat picture just now and 5 people accepted.

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Drop bombs

The act of excreting feces through the anus

"Where is Chuck?"

"He's gone dropping bombs."

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Drop bombs

To take a shit. Implies a large quantity of waste that has to be released, and waste of large size.

Likely of East Coast origin.

1. Looks like that peptobismal didn't work, i'm gonna have to go drop some bombs.

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Drop bombs

going #2, taking a deuce, sitting on the porcelain taking a get the idea

I gotta drop bombs. Either get out of the bathroom, or I'm gonna drop 'em in your hallway.

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Drop bombs

To ingest the drug Ecstasy, also known as MDMA.

We should drop bombs in class. Two caps of Ecstacy, good shit Nigga.

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Drop bombs

a sports phrase used to describe certain feats of accomplishment on the playing field. Can be used to describe the making of a 3 pointer in basketball, hitting a home run in baseball, or spiking a volleyball.

is jordan farmar playing in tomorrows game ?
if so, he will drop bombs on those jive turkeys.

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Drop bombs

To spit flawless/unbreakable flows/lyrics on the mike.

When B. Rabbit dropped bombs on all the brothas in the freestyle battle in "8 Mile", he showed them that whiteys could be good for something other than target practice.

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