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What is flows?

1) To be calm, cool, chill in all situations.

2) A state of mind where one does not worry about time, money, material possesions, but instead decides to relax and take life as it comes.

Unhappy person: Life sucks.
Bro: Naw man, just chill and go with the flow.

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Flows - what is it?

A state of mind reached while dancing. Can be applied to any form of dance art, but is primarily used to describe freestylers "flowing" with the music. In this state of mind, it seems like the music is telling your body what to do, and you just go with it. While emotionally in this state all worries, fears, insecurities seem to melt away, reality fades as it becomes just you and the music. Physically, one feels as though they can keep on dancing, and their movements are natural and without thought. These two states combine as one to describe the state of flowing. Flowing can be reached sober or under the influence of a substance, and in this state NOBODY IS A BAD DANCER, regardless of skill level as the main point of flowing is feeling the music and enjoying one's self.

I was totally FLOWING to that last track!

Did you see that guy/girl flowing with the music?

Man, just flowing is so much fun.

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What does "flows" mean?

Long, curly or wavey hair. Mostly a hockey term. Hair that would flow out the back of someone's helmet and curl up around the back of the helmet. Someone can have a flow or be flowin

Check out Sully's flow,

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Flows - what does it mean?

n. A rapper's ability to rhyme to phat beats in a skillful manner

You heard that new Nas single? Nigga got one tight-ass flow!

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Sick hair that was invented by hockey players...dont listen to and lacrosse players, they will try and tell you they invented it but they're just posers....Your flow has to be the perfect length...not to short not to will know when it is perfect because you will play the best games of your life...take note of the perfect length so you cut it back to the perfect length when it gets too long...When it is too long that is considered an OVER-flow....side effects of an OVER-flow are; ankles bending more than usual, flopping passes, getting burned(applies to defensmen AND fowards), and the worst side effect that can kill a team is being a MAJOR sieve (goalies only)


PERSON 1: Hey! did you see Colby's sick flow

PERSON 2: Yah dude, that thing gives our team meaning!


PERSON 1: Bro have you seen Nick's hair? he needs some major trimage

PERSON 2: I KNOW!!! He's been letting in like 7 goals a game...HE'S KILLIN US!

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A very known word in the rap song "Nigga" by Ahmad Rifai And Peter Maliha. It does not mean anything. It's a word they just came up with in school. They were in grade 8, section A, year 2008 when they came up with it. The song originally consisted this phrase: "I got my niggas on the door and my bithces on the floor" composed by Peter Maliha. But Ahmad Turned it into flows and other nonsence words like ows, tows, gows.....

-Yo wassup nigga?
-Flows i good, how bout u?
-Ows not bad...

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Short for flowmaster, an after market performance muffler used on mostly american muscle cars. It can also be used to describe a positive state of mind. So you could say that someone has the flows.

"Hey how did you do on that test today?" "I got 100%...I got the flows man".

"Hey rev that engine so we can hear those FLOWS on your mustang!"

"I made 1000 bucks today dude...I got the Flows!"

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The lyrics.

I always misunderstand Dre's flows.

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A Technique in tagging. it is when your signiture don't break or stop and is a continious line that connects one letter to another.

Flow tags is really hard to master.

Flows is very unique.

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Name of the Florence and the Machine fans, exept on Halloween's day, when they like to call themselves the "Flombies" which comes from the word "Zombie".

Oh, I saw on twitter and instagram - My fans call themselves the Flows ! It's amazing ! -Florence Welch

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