Definder - what does the word mean?

What is tali?

A guy thats mostly quiet around strangers but is really outgoing around friends. He loves to play sports, especially soccer.Has good looks and is very intelligent. he's not fake he's a real man , he would never hit girls though and he is just a real good person. He is considerate, kind, and loyal . Trusts those that are close to him. Always tries to be better than the next person.

Girl: I wish i dated Tali. He’s such a nice guy

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Tali - what is it?

A person who has major mood swings, but who's alwayz kewl!

That Tali is hella tight!

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What does "tali" mean?

A complete and utter Fucknut. (im sorry OwO)

That one person is such a Tali

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Tali - what does it mean?

Tali is a girl who is known for her extreme mental talents. She is an expert at thinking.

Me: See if you can say this without laughing.
You: Say what?
Me: Try to say Tali is smart without laughing.
You: Tali is smart.
You burst out laughing.

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A totally crazy girl. She has a wacky sense of style and is extremely outgoing and friendly. Tali has a ton of friends and always has a boyfriend. She's a little perverted and doesn't care what other people think. This results in her originality, but also offends some people. Tali has very very dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Look at her clothes, they're so colorful!
She must be a Tali

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An awesome but sensative friend you can rely on.

Cara is a tottal Tali, but, thats why we are friends!!

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An awesome artistic athletic girl. The three A's. Shes always up for an adventure.Shes also Beautiful bright and brainy.

Boy 1: Aww man that tali, shes something!
Boy 2: Oh I know i hardly even know her and shes hard to resist!!

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A girl who people love especially people that names begin with C and end wit M.If you know what i mean.She has very Beatiful traits inside and out its hard to resist.

C-M: I love Tali shes soo pretty and cute.

C-----M: Me too!

C-M:Everyone does

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Mai waifu

Tali is mai waifu

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A girl thats mostly quiet around strangers but is really outgoing around friends. She likes sports and dancing. She can be clumsy but it's considered cute by people. She is a drama queen and takes things to the heart. She believes in second chances, but after that you're done. She is considerate and kind and also very pretty and classy, never a slut. She can be whatever age and still be a teenager at heart.

Person 1- You remind me of my friend Tali.

Person 2- ...Is that a good thing?

Person 1- If you consider being beautiful funny and sweet good, then yes.

Person 2- Fine with me (:

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