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What is soo?

a term used between conversing people who have either run out of, or dont know what to say.

B) "oh that sounds like fun."
A) "yeah.."
B "soo.."

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Soo - what is it?

A small Canadian town in Northern Ontario where hitchhikers get stuck. Supplied North America with hockey players a decade ago. Cottages are called camps, and people ride snowmobiles to work and school.

"It took me 3 days to get outta da Soo. Couldn't even hitch a ride at the truck stop."
"Aww geez, eh? Got another smoke?"

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What does "soo" mean?

Abbreviated form of 'Straight Out of Shower' used only in Social Networking e.g. Myspace, Facebook & Twitter; Text Messaging & online conversation e.g. MSN.

Samantha: where were you, I was about to tell you what happen at school today while you went on your art trip, anyway why is you hair wet.

Jake Anthony: SOOS.

Samantha: what?

Jake Anthony: Straight Out of Shower.

Samantha: ohhhh.

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Soo - what does it mean?

aka Dirshbag. One who is clumsy, has speech impediments, and trips off of boat balconies. Hebrew for "horse"

Oh no, Emily! Watch out for the stairs! You soos!

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Soo - meaning

Also known as the "sandhya-so", utilized when the word "so" is not enough to express the meaningfulness of the situation.

Involves putting your hands to your chest, looking up to the sky (as if you are telling god), closing your eyes, and saying "SOO".

I'm not hungry.. I'm SOO hungry that i could eat a whole Taco Bell!

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Soo - definition

To an excessive degree. An adverb used to replace the use of an undeclarative so. It utilizes a similar meaning and usage as the word "too". Try substituting soo when you are tempted with the urge to say "many much"

A russian bride like that must have cost you soo much money.

Remember that Family Guy episode where Brian, Peter, Stewie, and Chris all had a technicolor yawn?
Ya, they threw-up soo much.

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Soo - slang

Southern Oregon

I live in the Umpqua Valley of SoO, not far from the hot springs ;^)

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"soos" is a word used in many german "YouTube Poops".
"soos" is a word you can use in every context and it can be used totally random.
The pronountiation of "soos" is german and it can be found in many videos like:
"SeeS or SooS?"

It`s used randomly before, after or in a sentence.
This is funny "soos"

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A catch all phrase that can convey anything or nothing at all. Common uses include but are not limited to; substituting for about any other word, replacing pauses in sentences, annoying people by elongating the o's in Soos to a ludicrous extent, greeting a friend, responding to negative criticism, etc

Friend: "I don't like how little you care about me."

Friend: "Oh hey, haven't spoken to you in awhile."
Sooser: "Soos, we havent. I am glad to reunite with you."

Friend: "Soos"
Sooser: "Soos"

Friend: "What do you think about NAFTA?"
Sooser: "Sooooooos...... I don't know.. give me a minute to Soos about it."

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likes to be crazy

boy magnet

is really good friends with a lot of people

she is such a soo!

try to act soo once in a while!

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