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What is drop?

a place where mob money is stored, a collection point.

Charley: Why do we have half a million dollars? The bank we robbed should have only had five grand or so.

Harman: Whoo-hoo, we lucked out!

Charley: Maybe that little bank was a drop, a collection point.

Harman: Oh shit.

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Drop - what is it?

To take a Urine drug test,

David had to drop for work, if he came up posative, he would be fired.

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What does "drop" mean?

1. To knock someone to the ground.
2. To shoot/kill someone.

1. "He was stepping up, thinking he was King Shit, so I dropped that little bitch."
2. "We should drop that muh-fucka before shit get's outta control."

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Drop - what does it mean?

Hoe. Female or Male who will drop their pants for anyone. Annoying to be around because they flaunt the fact that they're Very sexually active with many different partners

Bryant has a different female at his house every weekend he's a drop.

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To consume a drug orally, most commonly acid and ecstacy.
To sell drugs or to a lesser extent, shop merchandise.

"When are you going to drop that hit?"
"I've already dropped 6 ounces of weed today."

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to spend money on something; to purchase something

dude just dropped 20 bones on that classic '65 mustang!

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to take Ecstasy orally.

I dropped like 2 pills an hour ago and I'm rolling balls!!!

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The availability of a product or service to the general public. The term is most often used in relation to the release of a music album, a DVD video release, or hardware or software, but can be used for other products (i.e., concert tickets.)

Windows 7 is slated to drop on October 22nd

The new iPods dropped last week.

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The part of a dubstep tune where it gets so incomprehensibly filthy that one cannot fathom - therefore, ones mind explodes.

Person 1: "Yo dude, check out the drop in this banger"
Person 2: "Holy shit dude"

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1. To knock someone over, usually associated with the first hit in a fight.
2. To spend (generally a lot of) money; to buy something.
3. To release an album.

1. An expensive car/convertible. (see whip)

1. I'm gonna drop that kid if he don't back the f*** off.
2. Nigga, I dropped 500 G's on these rocks.
3. Nelly dropped two albums at once this week and they both at the top of the charts.

1. We just got back from the Bentley dealership, bro, you seen the new drop?

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