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What is everything will be fine?

In the advent of Twitter taking over everyday vocabulary. We at the commercial drive company decided to just decide to capitalize on a good thing and create an anti-trend. Hash tag everything. With everybody jumping on the Twitter Trend bandwagon, with hash tagging galore, we decided just to HashTag everything to make it easier to on everybody.

Teacher: Your arguments were good. But the majority of your marks were lost due to not putting hashtags in front of your words.

Student: #fuckthatshit #whereareyour#? #comebeforeAs.

Consistency Tate: #im a musician # watch out

Camichael: #just#thatshit #everything

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Everything will be fine - what is it?

The cousin to the definition of fine.

If someone is fine fine they the most sexy person on the planet, not just their body is fine but their face fine too.

Oh shit, you see her over there? She fine fine

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What does "everything will be fine" mean?

Similar to a has-been, but without the interval of being genuinely famous between originally being a nobody and then becoming a nobody again (afterwards).

The term is also sometimes applied to pseudo-celebrities that are used to pad out the roster of guests at TV programs and other events that wanted real celebrities, but couldn't get them.

Sometimes, the never-will-be is deluded enough to think that they truly were famous at some point, and is irritated that they aren't generally treated like the celebrities they feel they should have been.

Synonym: never-was.

He's never done anything important enough to be a has-been -- he's a never-will-be.

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Everything will be fine - what does it mean?

Usually used as an adjective; everything is used to describe something that is positive, good, and beneficial in a way.

Example: This big mac is so good it tastes like everything right now.
Example 2: Damn Lisa looks good tonight. She looks like everything.

Example: This big mac is so good it tastes like everything right now.
Example 2: Damn Lisa looks good tonight. She looks like everything.

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Everything will be fine

My love, she is everything to me, even when I shy away. She is perfect in every aspect, to such a point that I doubt my worth next to her. She cheers me up when I'm sad and I need it, to which I'm more then glad to return in anyway possible. The level of pleasure is unstatable when I'm with her or know she's well and happy, sadness plagues me when she's in pain. Her mind shapes my world, as she is everything to me, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

You're my everything and I love you so much.

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Everything will be fine

When something is so great, beautiful, or awesome that it is everything to you. Often used as a hyperbole to express how much you like something.

Have you tried McDonald’s frappes? They’re everything.

Girl! Your hair is everything. It’s so soft and shiny, you should be a hair model.

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Everything will be fine

You’ll be fine’ could be used in two ways. Something could have happened to someone so you say “you’ll be fine” in an attempt to comfort them (btw don’t do taht it doesn’t help)
the better way of using it though is when talking about the song ‘You’ll be fine’ by Palaye Royale. Ya’ll should check it out it’s amazing.

someone: *having a panic attack*
other guy: “lol you’ll be fine

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Everything will be fine

Used to describe your appearance or the appearance of someone else in a positive way. This slang usage originated in the NY area.

Yo, she hit the gym in spandex shorts and her body is looking like EVERYTHING!

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Everything will be fine

-All things sacred
-Anything that matters

Music is my everything...

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Everything will be fine

Apparently the cause of cancer.

Everything causes cancer

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