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What is good shit Nigga?

Gerard Way

*listening to MCR or any emo band*
"That's some good shit." *single tear streams down your face*

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Good shit Nigga - what is it?

A racist term. It is anything that has to do with the "ghetto black" community lifestyle. Such as hip-hop, rap, fried chicken, watermelon, Kool-Aid, large loose shirts, etc.

The White Bitch Mother: Johnathan, stop that nigga shit right now!

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What does "good shit Nigga" mean?

when playing basketball it's used to mean "nice move" or "good play"

player 1: dunks
teammate: That's good shit.

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Good shit Nigga - what does it mean?

n.- when you drop a deuce and you feel a lot better than when you went in the bath in the first place.

that was a good shit!

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Good shit Nigga

When school is cancelled

Guy 1: School is cancelled
Guy 2: that's some good shit

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Good shit Nigga

Something that you know is bad for you but still love it.

"That KFC chicken was good shit"

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Good shit Nigga

When something happens unexpectedly and you believe that saying this will help cope with the situation.

Mother: 'Jimmy, come up from the basement for supper.'

Jimmy: 'Okay, mother!'

Mother: 'I've invited your high school sweetheart Big Betty too. She says she misses you a lot.'

Jimmy: 'Shit nigga.'

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Good shit Nigga

A phrase used to describe drugs that get you higher than usual.

That bag of weed I bought from my friend was some good shit.

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Good shit Nigga

"good shit" is an expression someone says when they like an action or event that has happened.

Person A: Hey, I'm seeing this band live tomorrow night, how are they?
Person B: Dude, they are amazing live, you're going to have a blast!
Person A: Good shit!

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Good shit Nigga

when someone does something good and/or recieves something good

Person 1- I just got a new job

Person 2- good shit nigga

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