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What is got?

One of my least favorites, if not THE least favorite, word in the english language. It isn't even a real word and gets used constantly.

I gotta go to the store.
We've got no time to loose.
You've go to realize what you're doing!
You have got to be joking!
I've got a lot on hand.
Look at the new book I got today!

Ugh I HATE that word!

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Got - what is it?

(n.) A lesser known abbreviation got the word 'faggot'. Mainly used to avoid awkward situations in public, while still trying to insult friends.

"Actually, the word 'got' is the past tense of ge--" -Jordan

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What does "got" mean?

When you realize that you said something stupid and you catch yourself before someone gives you a point.( Which means if they say point after you've said got the point goes to them.)

Man you ugly

so is yo dog... got

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Got - what does it mean?

The word the English language is obsessed with, and it doesn't even really exist.

correct English:We have to go to the store or I'll have to tell my mom we have no food in the house. So you need to get out of bed and we have to be home before mom's come home.
common English: We've got to go to the store or I've gotta tell my mom we got no food in the house. So you gotta get out of bed and we've gotta be home before she's gotten home.

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Got - meaning

An ambiguous term used to express that a potential hook-up/romantic interest/etc. possesses multiple, unnamed desirable qualitiesβ€”most commonly material ones (i.e. desirable physical characteristics, wealth or the trappings thereof, etc.)β€” that the speaker asserts makes the person being spoken about more attractive than other potentials.

"Got" can be seen as trumping "hot" when one is choosing between multiple "hot" possibilities.

It is likely/possible that the usage evolved from the more common "s/he's hot," either from conventional informal phonetic play or even from internet/typo humor (as in teh), as the "g" character is adjacent to the "h" character on keyboards using the standard qwerty layout.

"Yeah, Dewey and them are ok and all, but Don's got and single, you know?"

"I'm asking Marisha out, 'cos she's gotβ€”end of story."

"I need more than hotβ€”I need someone who's got."

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Got - definition

when people are retarded and come onto a website where terms are meant to be slang, then proceed to say that everyone else is dumb for using a website for fun. G.O.T.=GET OFF THIS!

"JUST GOT ALREADY! I'm doing it as fast as i can!"

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Got - slang

a word used in place of "have" when "have" would be more appropriate. "Got" referrs to just receiving something, whereas "have" means that you already own it.

1. I got no presents for Christmas last year.
2. I have no talent when it comes to dancing.
1. Have you got any shorts?
(Do you have any shorts?)

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All these morons are pissing me off!

People think that they're so smart when they come in here as grammar experts when they really don't know a single thing about it. "Got" is a real word and it has a real use and almost no one knows it. People will often say "I got to go to the store" when it should be "I have to go to the store". People will also say "I got three dollars" when it should be "I have three dollars". But, the correct usage of "got" is the past tense of "get". This version of "got" should be able to be replaced with "received". For example, "I got a computer last year" IS a correct English sentence.

Got is definitely a word, but many do not know how to use it correctly.

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When one is the victim of a crime, esp. robbery, murder

"That nigga Tyrone got got last night."
"My house was robbed last week, them niggas got me!"

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Short for 'Game of Thrones', an HBO show based on the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin.

Holy shit, can you believe what happened on last night's GoT?

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