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What is The act?

The act of over analyzing one or more particular things and becoming obsessed.

To Study Stats all day or analyze grass and or cabinets. This world is full of janicks, what are you the janick of???

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The act - what is it?

This is when you are out looking for a good time and feel like getting absolutly RATASSED!

You get half a pint of milk and put it in a glass/bowl or whatever you then enter the following alcoholic drinks!

-Archers Schnapps
- Malibu
-Smirnoff Vodka
-Glens Vodka
- Barcardi
- and various others that take you'r liking that are over at least 30%

You then add Sprite and by this stage the milk should hopefully have curdled!!

You then get a spoon eat out the chuncks of curlded milk before downing the remains!

You should hopefully be fine after this but it could lead to Vomiting!

James: Milk lines the stomache, i think we should drink some before we get down to the hardcore spirits!
Kayleigh: Yeah!...Why not mix the milk with the hardcore spirits!
Emma: That would be vulga!
Kayleigh: Its something new!
Jonathan:C'mon Andrew, you scared of a bit of a challenge!
Andrew Bob: Course not.. you think thats a challenge, you should meet my uncle!!
Shane: Alright Andrew! you fucking first then!
Kayleigh: Right! What shall we add then?
Jonathan: Every possible thing we can!
Andrew: Yea Mayte you is rocking!
Jonathan: Archers?
Kayleigh: Smirnoff?
Andrew: Water?
Emma: ANDREW! Water is piss!! If you want then you can have the sprite in ther!
James: Malibu!?
Andrew: Ok...Bring it on boys!
Kayleigh: Aww dnt forget the milk..!
Andrew: Oh Yea! Wheres the spoon then!
Shane: You are the spoon!
Andrew: Fuck Off Twat!
Jonathan: Go on then andrew!
Andrew: Alright!
(James Makes More!- Glass for everyone)
(All Down)

Jonathan:Woow thats nasty shit!
Kayleigh:Fucking Smoking Sister!
Andrew: I cant..the suspence!
Emma: Andrew Drink IT!
James: There we go guys! we have now attempted the -
Kayleigh: The Act Of Curdled Milk!
James: Yeah Thanx
Jonathan: Bock Bock Bock Andrew! Chicken!
Andrew:Shut Up Jon!
(Everyone decks andrew before doing a granny throw to him.

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What does "The act" mean?

The "act of being ugly" is totally different than just being ugly. Just being ugly is like you walk down the street and see someone had a wart on their nose or a bald spot or something creepy like that. Commiting "the act of being ugly" is to choose on your very own to be ugly. That is an awful act. Such an awful act like that deserves severe punishment.

"Omg, Elaine is dressed like a freekin goth again. Steel toed boots? Fish nets? Chains? What an act of being ugly! The ugly police would drag her out into the road and shoot her."

"Ugly people suck. I hate them. Each and every one."

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The act - what does it mean?

Being caught masturbating, usually refered to a teenage male. It is extreamly embarrassing for both parties, especially if you dont know they are there and do something that reveals your erection in full view. You dont really want your mum or sister seeing what your manhood looks like at its best.

One time i was masturbating in my room fully naked when my brother came in and I was caught in the act. He could not have walked in at a worse time as I was about to come. I quickly stood up to hide myself but i was past the point of return and sperm pumped into my palms as i hid my dick. It dripped through my fingers and the orgasm was so powerful i let out a few pathetic gasps. I still cannot look my brother in the eyes.

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The act

1. used to describe the state of mind of a girl who is down for sexual acts (top or sex)

'She was definitely bout the act'

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The act

An acting chief is the person in charge of an organization that doesn’t put trust in him. The term acting is used because the person is just doing that: acting. They have the duties of a regular chief but are not trusted enough to be given the title.

The acting chief tried to get the budget approved but was told to change it because it was a mess

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The act

when someone is acting different than usual or is lying

yo man you under the act

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The act

having sexual contact with someone

I just caught Daniel in the act! O SHIT.

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The act

When someone do some stupid shit

Did u hear bout keke showing her bootyhole in the club

Yeah girl she off the act!!

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The act

A real smutty girl, one who is down for the team. If you and your boys are at the lunch table and you see a girl walk by and all of you can say that at one point each of you have fucked her, she's probably the act.

also known as The Action

E: Yo my boy I just fucked that one bad jawn from math class.

J: Shit, that aint nothin I done hit that like 5 times already, shit a lotta dudes have to be honest, she's the act!

E: Oh shit, say no more that's crazy!

J: I'm bout to hit her up right now

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