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What is Jake?

A weird person

That kid is such a Jake...

That Jake always brings weird things to school

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Jake - what is it?

A man from State Farm that sells you insurance.

It's Jake. Jake from State Farm.

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What does "Jake" mean?

the cutest human in this world. he can be really sweet but get annoyed very quick. lots of girls fall for him but he falls for a girl who doesn't fall for him. you can talk to him about anything and everything, he makes an amazing best friend. trust me. when he doesn't like someone he'll make it clear although he may know it would hurt you. he doesn't put up with drama. but overall he is the most astonishing person anyone could know, you'd want to spend every minute with this boy if you knew him.

girl; "awe jake, you are so very sweet."
jake;"thank you" *blushing*

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Jake - what does it mean?

Jakes are really amazing guys. Usually the tall, dark and handsome type. Ladies, look deep into those eyes because they are no where near as plain as they look from a distance! Jakes usually are really manly and buff, but have the cutest man-giggle ever. Their smiles are contagious and they have the cutest dimples ever. Jakes are guys who will respect you and your personal space, and have a certain chivalrous quality that is indeed acceptable by today's standards. He's the kind of guy you can tell all your secrets to, and share your dreams with. Never judge a Jake by his cover, because they can seem like total douches, and even come off as pervy; when, in reality, they are loving guys! You don't have to try much to catch their attention, a little bit goes a long way. They are super easy to talk to and make the average girl want to have a happy spasm.

Girl 1: So Jake and I started talking last night!

Girl 2: Shut up, he is so hot!!! What did you guys talk about?

Girl 1: Everything. Politics, marriage, parents, school, boys, girls, romance, food, and other random stuff.

Girl 2: ..... Have you ever talked to him before?

Girl 1: Nope. Not a word.

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He is the sweetest guy you will ever meet, he is your BEST guy friend, and everyone has a crush on him. He is super attractive and will tell you all his secrets if he trusts you enough even if your a girl. If you ever meet a Jake treat him well

A:"Who is that HOTTY over there?"
B:"That's Jake!"
kind truthful hot

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I have a big dick and an emotional support animal named Paul.

Source: My name is Jake

Me: My name is Jake and my dick is big.

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Jake. That intimidating, yet soft and fuzzy guy. He's intelligent, good looking, incredibly athletic, and adorable. A Jake will light up a room just by walking in. His amazing personality makes you grin. He's also Ann amazing friend, and brother. A Jake is also very protective. You hurt him, his family, his girlfriend, and his friends be prepared for hell. A Jake is a wonderful boy, with great eyes, a nice smile, and an amazing personality.

Person 1: Hey, look at that cute guy over there!
Person 2: Ohh, look at him. He's got to be a Jake!
Person 1: Totally :)

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The dog on Advednture Time!

JAKE! Use your stretchy power to wrap up that monster!

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A psychopathic young man who likes to burn things, shit on the floor and eat meth for breakfast lunch & dinner.

That Jake is one horrific young individual.

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Jake is a very fun and outgoing guy. He has a smile that will brighten anyone's day and eye's that alway's have the girl's looking twice. He is a kind, sweet, trustworthy, cute, caring, smart, loving person that will alway's be there for you. But dont take his kindness and sweetness as a weakness, if you ever dare too touch his girl or anyone in his family, he would be the first guy too beat a fool up.
Jake has alot of female friends, but his girl alway's come before them. If you ever get the chance too be with a Jake, take it and never let him go. Cause if you do youll regret it for the rest of your life.

*Did You See That Guy??....*

*Yeah That Must Be A Jake... Just Look At His Smile.. But Dont Try Anything, Cause He Has A Girl And He Wont Ever Do Anything To Hurt Her....*

*Did You See His Eye's??*
*Yeah I Did.. They Were Green And Sexi*
*Yeah I Thought Soo.. Had Too Look Back Twice Tooo Make Sure.*

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