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What is showing?

totally ridiculous. disaster. not reliable.

"hey i just bought a car from that used car lot..."

"aww man, that used car lot is a show!"


"you're a show"
(you are being ridiculous."

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Showing - what is it?

(v) to be in a state of embarrassment for yourself or someone else

1. "did you see the state of amanda last night?!"

"yeah, i was pure showed for the girl"

2. "omg, tripped over in front of my whole lecture theatre this morning..i'm showed for myself"

cringing embarrassed shamed

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What does "showing" mean?

being ridiculous or acting absurd; usually in an outrageous or scandalous fashion that may involve sex, drugs, and partying

She is shows!

Was he doing shows?

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Showing - what does it mean?

a show is a mini concert usually consisting of small, local bands. they are usually really low key and are usually really cheap. these shows are where all the scene, broXcore and hxc kids hang out at. they usually consist of five to nine bands that are either alright or really good, but sutimes the bands really sukk but then all the kids just go chill outside

hey, are you ging to the fire in the morgue show saturday night??? fire in the morgue is a local band from morgan hill, CA that plays alot of shows

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cheap concert

are you going to the (insert band name) show tonight?

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When you're in a hyped mood, feeling yourself, and you want to take a shower it's called a "Show Show." You might take a Show Show with music, a shower beer, or simply with heat blasting, rocking out with your **** out. Show Shows are taken fo sho sho, nothing less.

Her: Everything is right in the world. It's Friyay, home from work, and imabout to blast myself with heated water, drinking a beer in the show show fo sho sho.

Him: Don't forget the tunes yo! Sounds dope!!!

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(pronounced "sh-oww" as in the beginning of the word "shower")

The act of showering with another person. Related to shower sex.

Bob: "I just totally Show-Show'ed last night, it was aaahhmaazziinngg"
Nico: "I'ma get me a Show-Show right now!"

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Anyting Dat Yoo Fink Is Gud

Dem Kickz Are Show Show.

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Slang for shower(washing).


pronounced: (shou shou)

I'm going to take a showe showe.

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When the stomach of a pregnant woman is large enough for it to be noticeable.

Christin: Hey! How's the pregnancy coming along?

Tina: It's going great. I think I'm starting to show

Christin: Yeah, you are definitely showing

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