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What is fool?

One who is deficient in judgment, sense, and understanding.

Uzair is a Fool.

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Fool - what is it?

(noun)-just like homie or dawg its away to name your Friend

What up fool?

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What does "fool" mean?

Someone who is doing something wrong or is acting crazy.

Harry said to Manav, " You fool, I am amazing at track. eek!"

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Fool - what does it mean?

a slighly mean term for a friend

Whatever fool, I'll do it myself

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(noun): One towards whom you show disdain or spite
(verb): To trick someone

A: What a fool! He actually thinks hot snow falls up in the Souther Hemisphere!
B: Ha ha...I fooled you; there is no such thing as 'Free Burrito Day'!

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someone who thinks they are correct, but are actually incorrect. Usually an ass.

Ryan Stone is a fool.

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A term for friend or buddy which is mostly used by non white ethnicities

Hey fool you wanna play some basketball?

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Name for a person,any type of person.Can be used in anger or friendship.

Anger:"Stupid fool."
Friendship"Yo fool!"

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Word for a friend. Interchangeable with homeboy or vato.

"Aw fool you know I tasted that honey dip last night."

"You can come to the picnick but you better bring some forties fool."

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1. A court jester
2. A clumsy or stupid person who is pitied by Mr.T

1. Bring me my fool, i am in need of entertainment.
2. Ah pity the fool who tries to mess with T.

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