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What is 8 Mile?

1. used as slang to describe a "wigger," or white male who attempts to act as though he is black

2. someone who attempts to act like Eminem

"Give it up, 8 Mile, you can't rap."

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8 Mile - what is it?

Meaning 8 miles away from the center of detroit. Little 12 year olds dress all bad and think they are from the ghetto when in reality they live in a nice suburb and they are rich but think they are hard core.

wigger 1-yo dogg lets go down to 8 mile i wonder what its like

wigger 2-yes for sho what does 8 mile mean

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What does "8 Mile" mean?

A road in my wonderful state of Michigan (I'll trade spotswith someone who lives in California... you know who you are, people who say your ghetto and grew up on 8-mile and are chased by popos but never even have been in Detroit)

basically it is a mile road
ex: 24 mile road, 16 mile road

It is most famous now for the role it played in Eminem's 8 mile, in which it seperates the whites and the blacks. Though it is shwown as a ghetto area, it is not as bad as East Detroit and their shitty ass school district.

ex: I was going to a Red Wings' game and I got lost on 8-mile so I locked my doors.

ex 2: "Why pay money to see 8-mile when I can see it in real life, all I need to do is drive 2 miles"

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8 Mile - what does it mean?

8 Mile Rd is one of a series of roads (there is also a 7 Mile, 9 Mile, 12 Mile, and so on) named for its distance from the center of Detroit. It is generally considered the dividing line between the haves and the have-nots, though this distinction has diminished significantly in the past few years. It does NOT separate the "black half" and "white half" of Metro Detroit. These so-called halves don't exist. The area is not segregated and never was.

8 Mile was recently put into the national spotlight after a movie of the same name starring rapper Eminem was filmed in the area. The film received good reviews and Eminem went on to receive an Oscar for Best Song.

However, it's worth pointing out that Eminem's character, "B-Rabbit" did NOT live on the bad half of 8 Mile. The whole damn point of the movie was that he lived in the "wrong" area and was of the "wrong" race, but still managed to gain respect from his peers.

Eminem, in reality, grew up in Warren, a lower-middle class suburb about 20 miles from Detroit.

8 Mile Rd is a lot nicer than it used to be.

8 Mile starred Eminem and sickly-looking Brittany Murphy.

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8 Mile

A large, 4+lane semi-highway which runs east-to-west in southeastern Michigan. It is physically the dividing line between Detroit and Warren (in relation to Eminem's movie), as well as a number of other suburbs.

On its easternmost part, 8-Mile road runs through very wealthy areas. A few miles west, you will find the Eastland Center Mall, which is very nice, but almost completely Afro-Centric (lots of stores selling rap clothing, etc.). It's all downhill from there -- it gets better once you hit Southfield, though.

Nobody can doubt that it is a racial divide. Warren, for the most part, is almost completely white, while the Detroit side is predominantly black.

8-Mile is not cool. It's actually sleazy and boring. There's lots of strip clubs and crummy convenience stores, as well as check cashing and furniture rental places.

Warren is not entirely lower-class. Rather, it is a city with many income divides. Basically, the higher the mile number (ie. 10-Mile Road), the better the area. By 12 Mile, it's completely Middle Class, and most of 10-11 Mile is too, with the exception of a few pockets of starter homes and some apartment complexes known for their drug problems.

Once you cross 8 Mile, certain parts of the city look like war zones.

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8 Mile

is 12.8 km

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8 Mile

8 Mile is actually called 8 Mile Road. It is a road in Michigan that travels east and west. It runs from roughly from I-94 all the way to the west side of metro Detroit and beyond.

It is the border line between Detroit and a number of cities such as Warren Eastpointe etc. Detroit is on the south side and the suburbs are on the north. Wayne County is on the south side, while Macomb County is on the north side.

It was called Baseline road and if you continue the road, it would eventually run through the border of Illinois and Wisconsin.

It is very blue collar, but not quite ghetto. There are blacks, whites and trailer trash all along it. It is very wide, with 4 lanes on each side, divided by an island median.

At the east end, the road splits into Vernier and this road travels into the very wealthy Grosse Pointes. Think of GP as Greenwich CT, or Beverly Hills.

Major roads traael through 8 Mile Road. They include Van Dyke, Gratiot, Woodward, Livernois, Schoenherr, and more.

the movie 8 Mile has nothing to do with the road called 8 Mile.

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8 Mile

A movie starring rapper Eminem, Mekhi Phifer, Kim Bassinger, Brittany Murphy and many other famous actors which came out in 2002. It's soundtrack featured tracks by Eminem, Rakim, 50 Cent adn more. It's one of my favorite movies to watch even to this day.

The track listings for the 8 Mile Soundtrack are as follows-
01. Lose Yourself
02. Love Me
03. 8 Mile
04. Adrenaline Rush
05. Places to Go
06. Rap Game
07. 8 Miles and Running
08. Spitshine
09. Time of Your Life
10. You Wanna Be Me
11. Wanksta
12. Wasting My Time
13. R.A.K.I.M.
14. That's My Nigga Fo' Real
15. Battle
16. Run Rabbit Run

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8 Mile

1. (n) Road in the Detroit Mich. Area
2. (n) Movie starring Eminem

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8 Mile

Verb - To say someone's best future counter argument against you prior to them saying it to leave them with nothing to say. This term is used in business/sales/finance/negotiating.

In the last rap battle scene of the movie 8 Mile, B Rabbit (Eminem) states things like "yeah, my mom lives in a trailer park, and yeah I am white trash." His opponent was speechless because Eminem stole all of his counter arguments.

They wanted to have a big meeting to finalize all contractual negotiations. Right out of the gate I made our proposal and then 8 mile'd them on how I know we're a new firm with very little experience, have never worked in their sector before, etc... and while it would be natural to think they could get our price down... we already factored that into the original quote, so the price is the price.

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