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What is nothing to do?

When you think of ridiculous, uncommon words in one day, like Napoleon Dynamite, 8001, Glasses, etc.

I had nothing better to do today than to start Making 4 definitions in a day on the urban dictionary because I had nothing better to do even though I already said that.

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Nothing to do - what is it?

-sitting on your ass
-crackin so many jokes about someone that you have to stop talk about that person every other week.
-randomly making up definitions to better this web site
-bored out of your mind

Geo-"What are doing right now?"
JBZ-"Putting crazy words and phrases on this cool website."
Geo-"Why would yo do something like that?"
JBZ-"Because I have nothing else better to do."

Tony-"Why are vandalizing J-no's property?"
Geo & JBZ-"We have nothing else better to do.

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What does "nothing to do" mean?

Being sick to death of something, but still enjoying it anyway.

I was watching TV for hours, because I had nothing better to do.

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Nothing to do - what does it mean?

When you never want to have anything to do with an individual for the rest of your life. Absolutely nothing.

Hey you gave him another chance at friendship and he got you for a third time. Wow you're a real fool. I think now its time to rid him and stick to the nothing doing card.

May God bless your soul... because it needs it.

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Nothing to do - meaning

Literally noting. Not on this site

"Is there something that has nothing to do with sex on this site" Said Everyone ever

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Nothing to do - definition

when you're bored

I have nothing to do.

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