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What is Ecstacy?

condom shaped like a penis missile and fits your penis if you have an over-sized rumple foreskin and/or helmet

Lars: dude i just tried that new trojan ecstacy condom
Tim: how was it? i wanna try them
Lars: honestly, it felt like nothing was there because the top was shaped like i was squeezing the shaft of my dick
Tim: really?! my dick is shaped like a missile so they'd be perf...

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Ecstacy - what is it?

Vaginal Ecstacy - The feeling which can be achieved by a female in the vagina, which overcomes all other feelings of pleasure.

Origin: Knowerofallthings

When Johnny placed his rock hard penis in my vagina, it was vaginal ecstacy!

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Video meme

What does "Ecstacy" mean?

A type of Ecstacy stamped with the Mitsubishi logo

Pablo Francisco took two hits of Mitsubishi Ecstacy at a night club.

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Ecstacy - what does it mean?

Eve's Ecstasy is all about control, stimulation and access during sex. While the performer lays back and chows down

Eve's ecstacy is basically, the guy lays on his back with his heasd on the edge of the bed, as the girl squats over his face, pretty well sittin on his face but still standing.

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Ecstacy - meaning

A drug taken by ravers that makes guys make out with other guys.

Dude! So you know how <raver> started doing ecstacy? Theres pics of him on facebook making out with some dude in blue hair!!

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Ecstacy - definition

The best drug in the world. It literally feels like your having a toe-curling orgasm for 8 hours. Its not like a high from weed or anything. Its like amazing. Honestly, my body cant handle drugs well and I did it last night and It was pefect. I wouldnt suggest smoking weed while rolling, you cant feel the roll until the weed high is gone.. The only bad side is this morning my stomach feels weird, and its like burning. And I feel kinda depressed, but i'm not sure. Its just the best thing ever. Make sure your around people you love, you'll want to converse the whole night.

Dude, last night I took ecstacy and I swear to god, I told my deepest secrets, and had so many talks. That the most stories I've ever heard in my life. I told everyone I loved them 76 times.

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Ecstacy - slang

The best drug I've ever tried... and I've tried a lot of drugs.
If you're gunna thizz, make sure you take enough so you REALLY feel it.
You get the most amazing body high and you love everyone and everything.
When you're thizzin make sure to listen to music. I like hyphy and rave best when on it. Massage youself, get massages, and give massages. Don't be alone when thizzin, you'll wanna talk to people for hours.
I spill all my secrets and want to have deep conversations.
Flashing lights are amazing.
So is lotion.
And soft things. Big beds are nice too.
Just be careful, I was getting addicted for a while and thizzin every weekend is not good. Spread it out.
It's a really good way to get to know people though. If only ecstasy was more like pot, I'd be poppin pills every day then.

Thinking about ecstacy is making me wanna pop a couple pills right now.

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Misspelling of Ecstasy

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The coolest new thing around town! Itll turn you into a lizard!

Have you had any Ecstacy yet man?
Slither Slither

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The best drug I have ever tried- NOTHING can compare.
Things feel so soft and you'll want to touch everything.
When I pop E, I feel a closness with others and love having deep converstations. I will tell you ALL my secrets.
You feel so peaceful and feel very accepted.
Light shows and rave music are a must.
Get someone to give you a massage with lotion, it'll be amazing.
Don't forget to drink a lot of water, and vitamins increase you're high.

I used to be very much against this drug, but I've realized it's not as bad as people make it out to be.
Sure, it kills your brain; be smart about it. Don't pop E every day. I did it my first time 7 weeks ago, and I've done it every week since.
I have met so many new people, and came close to friends because of this drug.
The next day you'll feel like shit, we call that the "batman" comedown.

I'm down for that ecstacy shit.

"Are we rollin tonight or what?"
"Yeah, I'll bring the glowsticks."


"It's time to pop some thizzles."

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