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What is target practice?

Sexual transaction in which a male partner aims his penis into the belly button of male/female partner and ejaculates, trying to get the semen into the belly button area.

Last night I just performed Russian Target Practice on my girlfriend.

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Target practice - what is it?

When the male shits on the females stomach then the female proceeds to crab walk around the room while you try to jizz on the shit hence the name target practice.

Hey Dave! My girlfriend and I doing Target Practice last night! I'm not very accurate so there's jizz everywhere in my room!

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What does "target practice" mean?

You're banging a girl and right before you blow, you push her out the window. Try to hit her on the way down...Target Practice!!

I had this sloot over last night in the penthouse...shit got boring so we did a little target practice!

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Target practice - what does it mean?

While your big breasted girl friend lays on her back you aim your jiz for her open mouth, hitting her titts and face is acceptable.

Dude my girl makes for the perfect Target Practice

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Target practice

A game where you throw a dildo off the roof/window/balcony during a party or outside event to see it if hits someone. Points are given in reference to how far the target is, how close you got to hitting it, and how long is the projectile.

I played target practice with my friends at the party last night, and I was convicted for sexual and normal assault

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Target practice

When you are wearing a pad and you are unsure of whether or not the menstrual flow is hitting the pad properly, so you adjust the positioning of your vagina to ensure proper target alignment (aka the blood is going on the pad and NOT your pants).

Oh totally feels like my pad is off to the side...TARGET PRACTICE!!!

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Target practice

Placing a flushable object in a toilet (like a small piece of toilet paper), then urinating on it. Usually done by males.

I'm bored and sober. So I'm doing target practice in the bathroom.

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Target practice

hitting on a girl that u know would never go out with u but u say what the hell anyways

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Target practice

Rubbing one out in the shower and at climax aiming at a specific spot (a target) (Practice makes perfect!)

It pays to take target practice.

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Target practice

When doing an Indian woman and it comes time to cum on her face, try to aim for the dot between her eyes.

I was workin on my target practice with Neelam and Hoosna.

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