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What is waste?

the act of disposing doop

That is SUCH a waste of doop.

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Waste - what is it?

Two versions of waste :

1. Someone who is jus a waste of space.

2. Someone who acts odd or wierd but in a funny way for them. They are different and see things differently. This version originated in Bishop Douglass School in Barnet.


1. Laura: I cant believe he still aint got a job
Paris: Hes waste man.

Random girl walks in

Random girl: i lashed three boys today
Laura & Paris: Errrrrr your a waste girl.

2. Paris walks up to Rival.

Paris: DEOXYRYBONUCLEIC ACID!!!!!! (this means DNA)
Rival: :O Why would you do that ? Your Actually WASTE!

P.S: The two girls writing this are also actually waste! (the second version)

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What does "waste" mean?

1.To beat up in a fight

2.To win a contest against another person/team convincingly.

Chuck is going to waste Timmy after school today.

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Waste - what does it mean?

To Kill. Waste/Wasted

Yo I Wasted Him Yo! That Mutha Fukka Be Gone Yo! Word Up G-Dog, Betta Cova Yo Hole For You Get Wasted By That Mutha's Bretta Yo!

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Waste - meaning

(v) to lay around the house, preferably on a couch or armchair, eating and watching tv/and or playing video games.

I'm gonna go to my house and waste for a few hours.

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Waste - definition

another word for doop

I just realized waste was another word for doop.

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Waste - slang

someone who is very horrible at everything. They just plain suck. They are a waste of space.

Manun: Man, my drawing is horrible!!
Mike: You are suck a waste.

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To kill a person, usually by shooting usually via a drive-by. This is almost always done by Gangsters or Thugs or possibly a lone Gangster or Thug they are almost always in a Gang. In short, they are all just fags

They gangsters want to waste me, im buying a 12 guage.

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A person who has done nothing with thier life and never will...

Dave you are a waste of flesh dont talk to me.

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If something is waste it is poor/bad. Somehing you didn't enjoy.

1/ That session was waste

2/That trick was waste

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