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What is the mike?

Ending the conversation, at least your part of it

Gotta go, 'dropping the mike '

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The mike - what is it?

When a man behavior is so questionable it repels women towards other men.

He’s using the mike effect to get out of his relationship

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What does "the mike" mean?

I've done a superior job, no more can be said.

Colin did his show and it was "drop the mike"

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The mike - what does it mean?

The Mike Pence is when you pour water on your gay lover, electrocute them, and fuck them in the ass.

Guy 1: Oh my god! Me and my lover just did The Mike Pence in bed!!

Guy 2: Holy shit! That's gotta hurt.

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The mike

first of all rock the mike does not mean a means to rip it in a freestyle or rhyme

A: you ready for this battle bro?
B: yo...i finna rock the mike

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The mike

a type of girl who just walks in to the home, goes straight to the bedroom and fucks for hours then leaves.

whos all over there tonight? oh you know rueben, EL, and ELs Mike Hernandez.

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The mike

To go down on a girl from behind with her in doggy style position

Her breath smelt of puke so I gave her the mike frick.

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The mike

Upon whispering sweet nothings to your sweetheart, you jizz. This tenses your jaw, which inadvertently tears off her ear. Oops.

Accidents happen, Kevin. Even though you pulled The Mike Tyson, she's got another ear.

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The mike

A sex move where the male The Hendrix leaves the female The Chick halfway through coitus to make and eat a sandwich. When confronted about leaving the room, offer to make The Chick one as well.

The Mike Hendrix can be performed by announcing ("I'm gonna go make a sandwich"), or by virtue of leaving, but The Hendrix must make and consume a sandwich to be considered valid.

We were having great sex, but then pulled the Mike Hendrix on me.

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The mike

When one decides to overtake a car against oncoming traffic, whilst fiddling with a 15 year old girl.

Mate I was shit scared the other day, bob decided to do The Mike when we were on our way to college!

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