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What is home run?

when one has a bowel movement and proceeds to wipe and there is no fecal matter on the toilet paper, thus finishing the activity with one wipe similar to a home run in baseball, scoring with one swing of the bat, similar to a ghost wipe.

I just dropped a fat deuce and it was a home run!

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Home run - what is it?

1) you're up to the fucking stage in ur relationship.
2)where u smoke a cone, hold ur breathe, then skull a shot, then skull a beer than breathe out.

1)its only a week and sally and me have already done a home run
2)man u should've seen nathan, he just did a home run. what a fucken legend.

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What does "home run" mean?

to go all the way with

Last night I scored a home run with Lisa.

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Home run - what does it mean?

To advance to home base (sexual intercourse) on the first date.

1'st Guy: Hey! How was last night with Hayley?!
2'nd Guy: Great!!! I hit a home run!

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Home run

To Fuck

"I hit a home run with Jenna last night."

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Home run

When you skip to the fourth base with someone, or complete all four in quick succession.

How was last night with Linda?
It was great, hit a home run.

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Home run

To engage in the act of sexual intersourse, can follow the other bases but doen't have to

I scored a home run with that bitch

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Home run

1. To have sex with
2. To hit a baseball or softball over the fence

1. "Me and TJ finally fucked last night when we were chillin at his friends house."
2. What I'ma do this softball season

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Home run

completely fucking blacking out from anything past advil

Tad: Chad just hit a fucking home run!!
Brad: should we help him?
Tad: put him in bed and let him sleep it off.
chad was not fine. RIP

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Home run

To accelerate through first base (french kissing), onto second base ("heavy petting") to third base (oral sex) and finally coming around to home plate (sexual intercourse).

Wow, hit a home run with Sheila tonight, gimme a high five Barry!

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