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What is turkeys?

A bird that can't tweet.

Turkey cannot tweet, because Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Or if you are dyslexic, Pro Gay Centipede Ray) banned it's usage and access.

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Turkeys - what is it?

A person who talks back and is snappy with it's answers just like a turkey would be.

Person 1: Omg I don't even finish my sentence and Amie was just there like snapping at me

Person 2: Ikr she's such a turkey

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What does "turkeys" mean?

A male body part that often resembles the characteristic throat of a large bird native to America.

Hey Greg, your turkey is hanging out.

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Turkeys - what does it mean?

The most dangerous, evil, cruel, bad tempered, and usually ugly fowl ever. Hitler was reencarnated as a turkey. They will one day rule the world and have their own independence day. It will ironically take place on Thanksgiving.


apparantly..... the turkeys are coming.

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A user of the Flying Turkey message board.

Look at those Turkeys post.

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a source of food, dead or alive. Mostly eating during thanksgiving or christmas

Throw dead turkeys in joeys yard is fun

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"tell me they look like turkeys"

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Part of the female vagina that only a select, special few of women have. They hang down at the bottom opening and some woman can even pull them a few centimeters down their leg! The tips of the turkeys are usually a darker shade of the top of it but its still beautiful. The womans men will have to get used to it but sooner or later, they'll realize that it makes their woman special!

It's so wierd! When i pee, my turkeys spread my pee apart!

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a word used for mainlanders visiting hawaii

those stupid turkeys...look at them getting ripped off on tourist shit

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A person full of jive.

It ain't cool bein' no jive turkey this close to Thanksgiving.

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