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What is bombs?

Jenna Scullys boobies

Holy crap Jenna Scully has bombs!

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Bombs - what is it?

Used in a Ludacris song called "Southern Hospitality" this word was used to describe his obvious rectal problems. Used best in a sentence after you just clogged a toilet.

Dizzle #1: OOOOH, I just dropped me some bombs on 'em.
Dizzle #2: Fo' schizzle, you need to buy some laxatives.

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What does "bombs" mean?

ecstacy. best drug out there. it will be the best 3 hours of youre life. it isnt unusual for bombs to be laced with other drugs,such as meth crack and/or heroin.

im gettin mad bombs after school then rollin tonight

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Bombs - what does it mean?

Phat or hardcore rhymes to be dropped.

We drop bombs like we in the Middle Eas'...

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Slang for Ecstacy (MDMA).

Contrary to popular belief, most e pills dont have heroin or other drugs in them, except maybe caffeine. Check for user submitted test results/reviews, and for lab tests.

Person 1: What you doin tonite?
Person 2: I copped some bombs and imma bout to go roll.

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Terds, which hang before falling down to the shallow toilet water beneath. This creates a hollow splashing noise and sends the foul water upward to give your rear a cold splash of your piss filled water.

The man dropping bombs in the stall apparently didn't care I was there to hear him.

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tits, boobs etc.

my GAWD!!! would you look at the size of THOSE bombs!!

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Breasts of a large or enormous size.

Dude, that chick has bombs, she must have DDs.

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Slang for Ecstasy pills

Hey, you sellin' bombs?

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Fast Graffiti Pieces, more than two colors, uses all of your letters. not much details just enough to look good and be on your way.

I Bomb like vietnam.

Bomb is the tightest shit out.

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