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What is drug?

An illegal substance that alters consciousness quite the same way as many other legal substances do.

People who sleep or have orgasm should be put in jail as drug users. "Normal" state of mind doesn't exist.

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Drug - what is it?

the action of doing something, bringing something somewhere, or forcing something somewhere, can be used in place of the word dragged, means same thing.

I was drug out of the bar by the bouncers last night, or the fish on my line drug me all around the lake

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What does "drug" mean?

A stupid thing that jacks up a life.

Crack heads like to use drugs, that's why they're in jail.

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Drug - what does it mean?

1)any of various chemical substances altering one's perceptions.
2)intoxicating member of the opposite sex.

1)ciggarettes, alcohol, and heroin are very bad drugs, whereas herb isn't a drug at all.
2)you are the perfect drug.

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Some good some bad... when used can provied one with hours of entertainment...
pot...shrooms...cocaine and so on

every sane person has tried some sorta drug at least once

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1. A substance that makes you get high or have a trip. People take drugs to alter their state of mind and/or body to have a good time.

2. What some hilbilly fool says when they mean to say "dragged".

1. Hey man, are there any drug dealers around? I wanna get high!

2. (Hilbilly): "I dun killed me a possum and drug him in the house to eat him"
(non-hillbilly): "The word is "dragged", not "drug" you moron!"

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n. Past gerundial form of the verb drag, as used by skaters and bangers.

Who drug that ramp up next to here? You? You crazy strong.

That is correct. It were I. I drug it.

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Drug: an incorrect past-tense adjective of drag, as in dragged.
Another example of made-up words used by our colonial cousins across the pond

The Grizzly Bear 'drug' the Black Bear from down the tree trunk - really?!!
in English: The Black Bear was 'dragged' from the tree trunk by the Grizzly Bear.

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the best thing in the world until you run out.

Well i just used my college funds for drug money, got a pound of purps and 150 oxys so i'll see you guys in a couple weeks.

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A substance which alters one's physical, mental or emotional state.

Cocaine, X-TC and caffine are all drugs.

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