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What is vincinity?

A ugly ass nigga who attends St Augustine college cairns 4870
He is a snake and likes fat girls

P.S. Dogs the boys

Hey look its that 'Tyler Vincin' kid, ya know the gay one

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Vincinity - what is it?

The term used to describe your mental state after drinking with the Vincinator. There are varying degrees of Vincination, from serious alcohol poisoning (CAT 1) to waking up in Devon, on a Thursday, with a sore arse (CAT 5)!

I went for a quiet drink with Vinny, just woke up three days later, I have been Vincinated.

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What does "vincinity" mean?

Dave must be Bored !

Look at all of Dave's Definitions LOL!

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Vincinity - what does it mean?

The term used to describe someone whose sole purpose in life is to get you and everyone around him shitfaced.
DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THIS PERSON! There is no such thing as a quiet pint!

I went out for a pint with the vincinator on Sunday, i`ve just woke up, it`s Thursday, and i`m in Devon, my arse hurts. I HAVE BEEN VINCINATED!

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A better way of saying you're different,
Changing the world to what you'd like it to be,
Making your life what you want it too be

"Omg Kevin is so cool hes being such a Vincinity"

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