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What is hallway?

A person who goes on habbo hotel every day, (an online hangout, much like yoville, only less explicit and more to do). Just to go to a public room named "The Hallway" These kids usually have no friends, and steal pictures from "scene kids". They usually talk pixelated bs, which entails talking about how you have no life, when in reality they're the ones who are on a pixelated box of a hotel 24/7. They all fight to be the most popular kid in the hallway. (Having the most online friends, and being liked the most, and spending the most of their life on habbo.) The most "original" hallway kids will have a username consisting of one word, for example: Definition, Example, Word, Tags, or something along those lines. The normal people that get on would have usernames like Username742 or -=Username=- Usually the hallway kids will make fun of people with these types of usernames. They talk like they haven't had an education, and they try to be leet. All they accomplish doing, is looking completely rediculous. Also, some of them skip school to be on this thing. Yeah. Oh and have I mentioned their all either, under 14 years old, do some type of drug, or are in college with nothing better to do than talk to 12 year olds?

Hallway Kid 1: h4y h0w r u 2day qt
Hallway Kid 2: o i am fyn just tryin 2 yell at these n00bs with their lam3 habbo namez
Hallway Kid 1: o m g u r s0 c0ol!11one! go look @ my new myspace pix
Hallway Kid 2: that lookz f4ke..

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Hallway - what is it?

Those who are abandoned in the hallway because their teacher is late or not there at all.

Person 1: where's the teacher?

Person 2: She's not coming, I guess we'll just have to sit outside and be hallway hobos.

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What does "hallway" mean?

in college, when students lay around in the hallways before class.

Tom had to walk over all the hallway hobos before going to class.

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Hallway - what does it mean?

Super crammed, super fun social gathering held in a small studio apartment or hallway. Fashion, alcohol and drugs are all common, as are themes. (See hipster subculture)

Dude! I had so much fun at that hallway party last night! There really wasn't enough room to dance, but the unintentional handjob was nice!

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To have a crush on someone you see daily in the hallway/ at school but they don't have any classes with you or haven't even had a conversation with you; you have no means to communicate/ you try to but fail

"Omg! My hallway crush is coming this way! Smile, and pretend you're laughing i'll make eye contact!"

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The act of running, walking, skipping, or otherwise utilizing a hallway for physical activity in order to occupy your body while thinking deeply about something or talking on the phone.

While attempting to write a short story for her school's literary magazine, she hallwayed for several minutes while listening to her iPod, in order to come up with a good idea.

During his 90-minute phone call with his girlfriend, he hallwayed extensively, even using the stairs in order to hallway on other floors.

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Another term for the sexual act of scissoring. Used by character Dan Egan from the HBO show Veep.

"Actually, I got a question for you. Is it weird going hallway to hallway with your mom's twin?"

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The safest place in the office to let one rip.

Thank god for that hallway Jim.

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The body part between the back door and the front door.

I asked her to start her tongue at my front door, go down the hallway, and finish up at my back door.

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A nickname referring to scandalous bitches who can't keep their legs shut. They tend to suck things into their enormous vag and hang with doorknobs.

"Tiffanii is such a hallway!"
"Tell me about it!"

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