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What is unbreakable?

The feeling you get after a bad turn in luck and then come out alright. Not a word; do not use this "noun" in an essay.

"Dude, my teacher nearly caught me rolling my eyes at her, but I passed it off as a wink instead. Unbreakability is with me today!"

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Unbreakable - what is it?

humorous rules of engagement for the opposite sex.

Dude, you just can't do that - it's like an "Unbreakable Man Law!"

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What does "unbreakable" mean?

The bond you and someone have after you have both had sexual intercourse with the same girl at separate times

Felis had sex with Luis's ex-girl friend .

Him and luis now have the Unbreakable bond

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Unbreakable - what does it mean?

An Unbreakable Vow is a magical spell of unknown incantation, in which one makes an oath to another. If either of the two break their terms, they die.

Puja and Jatin took an Unbreakable Vow to be with each other ALWAYS

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The best bond a couple of guys can have without being gay.

Brad is the best friend a guy could ever ask for and we definatly have an unbreakable friendship.

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A model skull complete with eye sockets, mouth, a nose and hair that is forged out of clay. Once fired, this clay head turns into an unbreakable head, if and only if, it can withstand a fall from a second story window or higher. Most unbreakable heads are made in high school art class.

Duder 1: "Whoa dude nice head."

Duder 2: "Yea man it's hella hard now. Wanna throw it out the window and see if it breaks?"

Duder 1: "Of course!"

(after the test...)

Duder 1: "Nice! He's still intact. Let's call him unbreakable head!"

Duder 2: "Solid doggy!"

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Definition 1:
It’s cheese but unbreakable. Think of edible Flex Tape, or edible Gorilla Tape.

Definition 2:
A fart you can’t get out.

Example 1

Person: Aww man! My sink is leaking.
Me: Have you tried using Unbreakable Cheese?

Example 2

Person: I have been trying to fart for the past 30 minutes and I can’t get it out.
Me: It’s alright dude you just got that unbreakable cheese

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To undo something that is broken. To make something that is broken undone (ie. the song).

We're gonna have to unbreak this jive turkey and put it back together

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The family who made it home alive that night was something out of a movie or a TV show, whooooaaaaaah!!!

Tell the family you swerved around at 3 in the morning they were lucky, like you, not unbreakable.

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A film written and directed by M Night Shyamalan staring Bruce Willis and Samuel L Jackson.

The story is about a regular man named David Dunn (Bruce) who survives a horrific train accident that kills everyone except him. A comic book collecter by the name of Elijah Price (Jackson) sees that he survies and thinks he's a superhero. Is David really a superhero? Or is he just plain old lucky to still be living?

An excellent film if you ask me. Shame what's happened to M Night now these days.

Person 1: That ending of Unbreakable caught me off guard.

Person 2: I know!

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