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What is porcelain?

That cold sensation one receives when they sit on a cold toilet seat.

Guy one: "Dude, your bathroom is cold as hell"

Guy two: "I know! I got a total porcelain chill when I went to take a dump.

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Porcelain - what is it?

A Toilet -- Where you go to pray after a night of drinking.

"dude, I dropped out of University to drink full-time; since then I've spent many days praying at the porcelain altar!"

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What does "porcelain" mean?

The poop that is left in a porcelain toilet as a result of NOT flushing.

Really now Wally?? Did you have to leave that porcelain steak in my toilet? Couldn't you have just flushed it?

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Porcelain - what does it mean?

A porcelain rodeo is when two people shit in one toilet at the same time. This is most commonly performed when one person sits normally on the toilet while the other sits on the first person's lap while facing them and shitting between the gap in the first person's legs.

Tony and Dustin always save time getting ready for work in the morning by having a porcelain rodeo: twice the shitting in half the time, only sightly more mess.

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A greasy, fatty, offensive smelling bowell movement that leaves thick brown streaks on the sides of the toilet bowl. Hands on scrubbing is often needed to remove them from the porcelain.

Those two triple baconators on top of the twenty eight beers I drank last night made for one hell of a porcelain stainer this morning.

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A Goddess among fools she is the one who keeps the mortals in line. By the wrath of her whip you shall know her.

Her skin shines like sun but do not be fooled that she will show you mercy when you show her cheek you will be marked.

Her words, smile, smell and laugh will haunt your mind forever more.

She is the one, The Bitch, The Only One you will ever need.

Porcelain Beauty
Your Highness

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A shit so violent it looks like a suicide took place inside the toilet bowl. Fecal content covers nearly every square inch of the bowl resembling brain matter.

My first visit to Felipe's Taco Truck will be my last, when I got home my asshole committed porcelain suicide.

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A crap that is laid with such force or velocity as to literally damage the toilet.

Oh God Tim, don't tell me you laid another Porcelain Cracker in there, we can't afford new fixtures each time you go to Taco Bell!

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A toilet. Literally the material that many toilets are made out of.

Man, I just shit my brains out on the porcelain.
Excuse me, may I use the porcelain.

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Light, fragile and beautiful.
Extremely sensitive, but can be extremely vain and
Involves all of the seven sins, and also a singer
from the band "Porcelain and the tramps"

That Porcelain doll sure is fragile, don't break it.

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