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What is Chuck?

You can use it to describe someone extremely good looking or if someone says something smart, you agree.

That's so chuck.
He is very chuck.
Good idea, you're so chuck.

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Chuck - what is it?

A derogative term for eastern Europeans and Russians.

Derives from last names usually ending in : chek, chik, czek, ček, chyk, chuk, czuk

Guy 1- Do crack heads rob the bank owned houses?

Guy 2- Nope, to sophisticated. The chucks do. They are always doing something sneaky. You can't trust them.

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What does "Chuck" mean?

chuck, as in norris, as in god

Chuck Norris= God... nuff said

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Chuck - what does it mean?

A nickname for anyone with the name Charlton/Charles

Example 1: Hi my name is Charlton Heston, but you have call me "Chuck". Here's your rebate you damn dirty apes

Example 2: Hi my name is Chuck Norris, and you MUST call me CHUCK

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Another word you could call a funny and happy aunt who cares.

Wow look at my aunt! She's so fun and happy! I don't know anyone else who care more then she does.

Yeah that's a real chuck.

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a generally very cool, hip, debonair dude whose dashing good looks, clever wit and ability to sense damsels in distress and come to the rescue like any good "captain save a ho" make him a most sought after gentleman. He sometimes has his superhero sidekick younger brother joe with him, who is also helpful and funny. Chuck is versatile, a man for all occasions, whether you need a pole installer, someone to give you an amazing massage, or just a piece of man candy to kick it with, he's got you covered.

katie: "Oh man, my car is acting up again, where's chuck when you need him?"

cindy: "yeah, and i'm getting lonely watching porn alone all day, I sure wish chuck was around to keep me company..."

man's voice: "faster than a speeding bullet, its a bird, its a plane... its captain save a ho! chuck to the resuce again"

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A strong, artistic, musician type who constantly surprises. Sensitive but rarely shows it. A chuck can be your best friend and lift your spirits, or a chuck can be unforgiving and leave you abandoned. A chuck is very competitive, even against those who love and want to please. A chuck is a great friend to have, as long as you understand it will only be for a while. Like a cat, a chuck is independent and solitary by nature.

it is better to have a chuck, than to not have chucked at all

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The best Tv-show in the world. It's hilarious, has awesome fight scenes and the best cast ever hired!!

Chuck <3 >>>>> God

Guy 1: I broke my neck the other week and had to stay in hospital.

Guy 2: So you missed Chuck on monday night?!!!?!?

Guy 1: Hell no, i got the nurse to bring me a TV!

Chuck Norris: Hey Chuck? hows it going...please dont hurt me...

Chuck Bartowski: Don't worry mate, I wont flash on you. Unless you touch Sarah then your ass is mine!

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Chuck is an informal way of addressing a friend in Northern English.

"Happy Birthday, Chuck" - Wallace and Gromit

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A portmanteau of chill and fuck, meaning "chill as fuck."

Brent Grimes is chuck.

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