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What is big shit?

When someone offers to help you but you want to act harder than them so decline

Often used ironically

Me: Just downed half a bottle of vodka, gonna be hard to finish the rest
Them: I can help you finish it if you like
Me: Na this is big boy shit mate.....but cheers

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big shit - video

Big shit - what is it?

abbreviate as BSNB.

1. A declarative phrase often used by losers to exclaim, in belligerent braggadociousness, some perceived advance or victory.

2. A phrase used by boheimillectuals and nerdy English majors, often ironically, to mock the ultimate futility of any personal success or advance - a phrase declared in sardonic self deference corrupted by secret ambition.

All you suckers can eat my hot lunch because I'm big shit now bitches now that I've dirty sanchezed both the Bush twins.

Written in cyberspace:
OMG- can you believe how BSNB Steven thinks he is after Bill O'rielly at his dirty lunch.

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What does "big shit" mean?

A dirty slag whore who also like to play with shit

1) Hey look at McCabage that big shit whore playing with shit

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Big shit - what does it mean?

Much like taking a huge shit, refers to someone that makes you feel lighter, renewed, good.

"My girl has some STRONG big shit energy - she's a keeper"

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Big shit - meaning

When someone looks like they're prone to taking huge dumps.

Dude 1 - "Bro don't invite Tyler to our sleepovers again, he fucking clogged the toilet after he took a shit"
Dude 2 - "Of course he did, he has big shit vibes"

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Big shit - definition

To trash talk someone a bunch of times.

Tony: I heard Sam was talking big shit about you.
Eric: fuck Sam

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Big shit - slang

A person who is a big shit

This maybe either because they are your best friend and you like to annoy them
Or because they are just an annoying asshole.
It is most likely that the person calls you little shit

Kaira's a big shit

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Big shit

An arrogant person who thinks or acts like they are way more important than they really are.

Joe thinks he is a BIG SHIT now that he has a six figure income.

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Big shit

When you get accused of murder and you have the big shit moment. Or when you take a big shit in the bathroom.

That is one big shit

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Big shit

A response to something of obviously little importance when it is exclaimed otherwise.

"Dude, my friends know the singer of Graf Orlock!"

"Big shit."

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