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What is slag whore?


Nive is a slag whore

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slag whore - video

Slag whore - what is it?

Female with many attributes or characteristics reinforcing the fact that she is in any way easy, slutty or lacking of standards.

Matt: Hey you seen that girl Sally Lowther that i work with?
By Stander: You mean that Slag Whore Massive Slag?
Matt: Yeah thats the one, the Slag Whore Massive Slag
By Stander: What about her?
Matt: She's a Slag Whore Massive Slag
By Stander: Tell me something i don't know, god what a Slag Whore Massive Slag.

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What does "slag whore" mean?

A game where the first player says an insulting term for a woman, then the next player quickly repeats that term and adds another after it. The game ends when one player makes a mistake.
Similar to the game "Simon".

Player 1: "Lets play Slut Slag Whore."
Player 2: "OK, you go first."
Player 1: "Slut."
Player 2: "Slut slag."
Player 1: "Slut slag bitch."
Player 2: "Slut slag bitch whore cunt."
Player 1: "Slut slag bitch whore cunt slag."
Player 2: "Slut slag bitch whore cunt slag cunt."
Player 1: "Slut slag cunt... dammit."

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Slag whore - what does it mean?

A woman who is happy to sleep with everyone and brags about it. Kurt Cobain called his mom a slag whore in one of his songs backwards. It's cool to listen to.

Kurt Cobain: My mom...she's a slag whore...I saw...You slag whore

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Slag whore - meaning

female who sleeps around and brags about it.
someone that dosnt mind being looked down on,infact he or she often enjoys to be underneath in any given situation

kate got back from toms last night after stoping off at bills to see how he was getting on."two in one night?! shes a damn slag whore"

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