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What is times?

What you're wasting by searching this word on Urban Dictionary.

A: What are you doing?
B: Wasting my time searching things on Urban Dictionary.

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Times - what is it?

Time is one of the most precious commodities. Quality Time is given to that which is important to us. Live and be present in every moment. Choose to maximize your time on that which is of value. Every second counts! Consider wisely where your time is spent. Life is short, so don’t waste any time.

Time is of the EssenceπŸ•°β³β°

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What does "times" mean?

The Los Angeles Times. Also known as an extreme leftist publication that will do ANYTHING to keep the Republicans (see "people that use logic") out of California.

Also decided to become a propoganda publication by delivering papers to people's houses who DID NOT have subscriptions on the day they ran the article on Arnold Schwarzenegger's sexual harassment "allegations".

The Los Angeles Times is comprised of a bunch of hippies who need to start thinking about Right vs. Wrong, not to consult how they "feel" about something.

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Times - what does it mean?

A stupid newspaper in NY.

"Ben likes to read the times daily"

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Times - meaning

multiplication - 6 times 4 is 24

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Times - definition

used after a word describing an activity or place to indicate a commonly occurring event.

Lewis: Hey man, lets go to the sauna after we finish working out!
Allen: Ok, I'm up for some sauna times!

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Times - slang

a number that illistrates the amount something has been done or taken place.

How many times do u masterbates in a given week?

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The years we are living in.

A computer in most homes is a definate sign of the times.

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Very similar to spung, without the green aura.

"Damn, spung has a much greener aura than times"

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To Rampantly Plagiarize another persons work

I wrote it like the times

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