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What is aura?

the most unique person you would ever known, be on her good side and you will forever be loved, be on her bad side and you will forever feel alone.
the greatest mommy ever, best sister, daughter and friend one could ever have

Aura always goes out of her way to help others!!!
did you get a card from aura? she is so thoughtful!
the glow on aura's face everytime she's with her baby is just so mesmerizing!

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Aura - what is it?

"Aura" is the ever-changing flow of life energy around one's body; it can be harnessed for supernatural abilities, though not as extreme as showcased in some animes. (i.e., Dragonball Z) It is also known as "chi" or "ki".

Focusing one's aura onto one point increases the blood flow, making that point feel stronger.

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What does "aura" mean?

Aura is a beautiful girl who is loyal and is sweet and innocent at first but when you get to know her she’s fun and crazy.Shes someone who always has your back and gets called fake but is actually a real friend. Make sure you never lose a Aura because she’s really special and their is no one like her/him out their they are amazing.

Aura has a good personality

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Aura - what does it mean?

Aura is a dumb whore who likes to cap, she has shit colored brown hair, her skin looks like voldemort,she reeks like bacteria on a fungi, speaking of fungi she likes to have fun with guys and girls, she classifies as pansexual, and her gooch is a second vagina that was sewn up.

hey you heard of aura?
yeah i heard shes a dumb cappin whore
true fam

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Aura - meaning

1. The act of proselitizing from the anal foramen; short for oral-anal: often referred to as speaking out of one's butt or talking out your ass.
2. An act of customer communication marked by extreme balderdash pioneered and perfected by the senior director of a La Jolla, CA airline software company.

Unable to communicate in an intelligible and polite manner, Gerry Booth often shoved his point down their throat with bizarre aura.

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Aura - definition

The first ending of Turn A Gundam.

Aura rocks.

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Aura - slang

A sensation that is associated with migraines and seizures, typically a warning sign.

Aura has joined the game.

Aura: Hi
Person: Really? Another migraine?
Aura: Yup
Person: Fuck you

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Your self imagine. phsyically mentally ECT. also same definition as "swagger". Your aura is all about how you carry your self the image you project.

"I got my aura right"

"my aura's like lexis" - Cormega on Im built for this

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A constant emmition of energy from oneself. Many people believe that the energy a person's aura is comprised of is Ki/Chi.

Your aura is NOTHING like the wicked-cool aurae in DBZ and DBGT. You can't see them because light cannot reflect off energy.

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Aura is the life energy one possesses. It can be used in many ways. It can affect others. There are different kinds of aura... i.e. fighting aura. Some cartoons exaggerate this, showing glowing shadows of power. It can be used with magical properties. One can transfer an aura into one, thus giving them more power/energy.

Vegeta powered up, his aura bursting in a golden plume of power and light.

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