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What is talking big?

Often used when referring to a person who has spoken highly of themselves or their abilities on a previous occasion.

Oi, you talked a big game last night when we were out on the sauce. Now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is!

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Talking big - what is it?

1. When someone compensates for lack of size by using big words.
2. When an online videogame player talks a big game to compensate for lack of size.
3. When a videogame player insults other players due to his own lack of size.

-Dude, you fucking prick motherfuckers. Watch me pwn you next round you noobsicle cocksucking pricks!!!

-Dude, stfu and play the game already.

-Hey, fuck you prick! I fucked your momma last night with my bigass dick. What are you gonna do about it, huh biatch? You can't even find your tiny ass prick. That's how small you are.

-Dude, what's his problem?

-Big talk, small cock syndrome.

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What does "talking big" mean?

to vomit into the toilet

If he keeps drinking like that, not only will he have a hangover, but he will have to talk on the big white phone when he wakes up the next morning.

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Talking big - what does it mean?

skipping the small talk to have deeper conversations and make more meaningful connections

i'm so sick of small talk. stop asking me about the weather and stop asking 'how are you.' Instead, can we make big talk? ask me 'how are you...really?" and 'what's most important to you?"

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Talking big - meaning

Grandiose ideas or vacuous threats not acted upon.

1.)He's not kicking anyone's ass, he's all Big Talk.

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Talking big - definition

talking too extreme but can't really do what he's talking about and boasting without concrete action.

Scene slut: I wish Gerard Way would fucking die already, why hasn't anyone even tried to kill him yet?

Or possibly, that might hurt the cause seeing as how MCR fans are morons who have a need to feel oppressed.

Reaper: why not go and try to kill him by yourself? you really talk big for a little whore you know.

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Talking big - slang

Not the same as lying. One who talks big speaks what appears to be a solid game plan, but does not have any true intentions of following through. The talker may not realize they are talking big. Usually is done in the hype of a moment, with motive to fire up a crowd's excitement but with no definite execution.

Friday Night @ 3:00pm
Mike: Yo man I'm about to hit the club tonight lets turn the f*k up!

Friday Night @ 9:00pm
Fred: Guys, Mike said he's going to just stay in tonight, he's kinda tired from work.

Shawn: Yo I knew that little b*tch was talking big.

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