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What is trash talk?

Group of NFL fans on YouTube who brag and complain about their favorite teams when they win and lose. It's beginnings are thought to trace back to 2006. Known as "The TTC" for short

The Trash Talking Circle is for NFL fans on YouTube

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trash talk - video

Trash talk - what is it?

The further belittling of an old, crippled, senile, arthritic, putrid, and futile podcast producer.

(trash talk) Jay, I am going to beat you blindfolded.

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What does "trash talk" mean?

When a person uses his opinion against another object or person to make them feel bad but in reality is just making them realize that they need to listen .

Breddy was using his trash-talk on the haters to teach them a lesson

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Trash talk - what does it mean?

A very horrible sounding hardcore punk band that people listen to only because OFWGKTA (Odd Future) supports their music.

I used to hate Trash Talk, but then I found out Tyler The Creator listens to their music so now I love their shitty music!

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Trash talk - meaning

Talking bad to others or about them i front or behind their back, settle it without an argument but with a safe discussion

Don’t trash talk it’s not right

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Trash talk - definition

'Trash talking' is a commonly used tactic in internet forums whereby said 'trash-talker' openly insults or abuses another person or brings up previous disputes to depose their argumental position. Trash talking is a form of trolling with the aim to illicit a similar response from the targeted person or to derail the original discussion.

A discussion about how to change the rules of a game on a forum is several pages long, trash-talker interjects with 'hey you, fucktard, you can't say anything because you take it up the butt and we all know it'. Target has just the victim of a Trash Talking attempt.

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Trash talk - slang

1) Verbal abuse used during competition to upset the opposition.

2) To verbally abuse the opponent during competition.

1) He hit me with a lot of trash-talk in the basketball game.

2) He trash-talked me throughout the basketball game.

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Trash talk

An example of a statement where a person insults an other person to rub in his/hers victory.

Steve: Ha! Boom you can't play cause I beat you 17-5.
James: Stop trash-talking

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Trash talk

It's when you discuss trash.

Finn: Do you know what trash talk is?
Rory: Is that when you discuss trash?

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Trash talk

In the course of a competitive situation putting down your opponent verbally or saying how good you think you are. Oftenly involving talk of moms or sisters.

Examples of Trash Talk
"You couldn't tackle me in a phone booth"

"You better stay out of the paint or I'll block you so hard I'll make your momma hurt more than I made your sister hurt last night"

"I'm so fast you couldn't see me with a telescope"

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