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What is playing?

When someone shows interest in you but is really giving you false hints to play with your emotions. Leading you on only to friendzone tyou.

Felicia: Wdul?
Dequan: You duh
Felicia: I have a boyfriend though
Dequan: Bitch ass you told me you loved me. Smh you played me.

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Playing - what is it?

It means, are u telling the truth or are you joking.

Chris: Yo man when u said u got pulled over by the feds the other day was that for real or for play-play.

(used in the movie ATL)

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What does "playing" mean?

a joke - to just kid- not taken seriously

oh man i was just kidding - it was just a play play

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Playing - what does it mean?

Used to describe acts which would be considered foolish or pleasure. More often than not however "play play" is preceded by the word "no" to indicate the seriousness of an event.

Person 1, "Yo what up T."
Person 2, "Aint shit what you want?"
Person 1, "This aint no play play, get over here."
Person 2, "(click)"

Person 2 has now been alerted that there is serious business to be had and many dolla dolla bills to be made.

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Playing - meaning

When you broadcast your every move throughout the day to people who probably don't care on s.n.s's such as facebook and twitter.

9:01 a.m - Just woke up, I'm hung over.
9:04 a.m - Finally out of bed, should I take a piss or should I drink some Advil and take a piss after wards so the extra liquid can piss out.
9:04 a.m - Well I decided to take some Advil first, here it goes!
9:05 a.m - It looks like it's going to rain outside

You get the point... Play by play

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Playing - definition

When you say that you dont need a 'play by play' it means you dont need the full details.

"Hey. I only asked how the party went to be polite, i dont need a friggin play by play of the evening!"

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Playing - slang

Trick or toy with a cracker or any member of yo' posse

G-Unit Member: Your pimped!
Cracker: Really?
G-Unit Member: No, im just playing.
Cracker: Nobody loves me.

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Jersey slang for joking, messing around

Iā€™m just playing with you

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A form of romantic coercion involving two parties, the player and the played. The player pursues selfish romantic interests at the expense of the played, consequently diminishing trust and compromising loyalty.

That brotha was playing on his chick when he was out drankin with his skanky hoes last night.

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1- cheating on somebody.
2- fucking with thier head.

"She's totally playing that loser"

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