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What is Tony?

Tony is a great guy. He is somehow purely logical and extremely thoughtful at the same time. He doesn’t let many people get close to him, so if he acts close to you then you’d better appreciate it: You are special in his book. While Tony is capable of coming off as a vanilla and professional fellow, beneath the surface lies a kinky, sexy beast just waiting to be unleashed. Despite his charming and harmless appearance and everyday attitude, just like everyone else he has dark, secret desires. Get to know him and you may be lucky enough to find them out. Time spent with Tony is time spent on personal growth, for his ultimate goal is to help you flourish as a person. And no matter how bad things may seem, Tony will be there for you, ready to lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on. He makes an excellent lover/partner and an even better father/guardian figure. Spend all the time you can with him: every minute will be a memorable experience.

“Who’s that godlike man over there?”
Oh, that’s just Tony.”

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Tony - what is it?

One who is sarcastic, an asshole, and a good person. Sometimes this person can be seen as only one of these qualities; A nickname for Anthony; A person who is smart

Person #1: Hey, so I heard your friends with Tony.
Person #2: I consider it to be a frenemy.
Person#1: Why is that?
Person#2: Well he can be a real asshole but, he is loyal to his friends.

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What does "Tony" mean?

when something is good. great, awesome. exceptional. cool.
like tony the tiger from Frosted Flakes.

Man i just got a new car that shit is so tony.

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Tony - what does it mean?

Tony is the boy that you think nobody would like but everyone likes. He will break your heart like he did mine. And then act like he did nothing. However he is still the sweetest, hotest, and nicest person you will ever meet.

"Who is that."
"Oh thats tony he broke my heart."

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Tony - meaning

The actual definition of, cute and the smoothest talker you'll ever meet and if he wants your number you give it to him and he's always buying you something nice or being polite.

All the ladies loooovve Tony.

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Tony - definition

An amazing, thoughtful, kind guy who cares about you and knows how to cheer you up when you're down... Funny, gorgeous and the most amazing, awesome person to walk the earth.

See that hot guy, thats a Tony

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Tony - slang

Is an amazing brother but can be a pain in the ass, Is a lovable guy and is someone everyone would be lucky to have in their life. Keels their siblings safe and loves them in every possible way.

Tony is an amazing brother to me.

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Annoying but in a good way. Really funny.adorable in a really childish way. The most amazing person you can ever meet.sometimes special

That guy is so Tony

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Tony’s often make decisions with little to no thinking. This trait causes most Tony’s to break stuff and have frequent injuries. They often use the phrases “that’s tuff” and “yes sir”.Most Tony’s think they are good at everything but in reality they are really not. They like to joke around and whenever you hang out with a Tony it’s always an adventure

Don’t give Tony your pencil he might break it
Tony you broke your arm again?!
Is that a new phone?

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An extremely handsome, caring guy. Amazing boyfriend material, loving and sweet. "Tonies" have great listening skills, and will lay around with you for hours. Will write sweet notes, and never forget an anniversary or birthday. Capable of making even the worst days better, and cute enough to kiss, a Tony is the best kind of guy.
As a friend, they are the most fun to be around. They know all the funniest YouTube videos, and are the best at every video game. Can talk about anything with them for hours, and never get bored. Very loyal, and always willing to help out.
A Tony is a very independent, strong-willed guy with a good head on his shoulders and a smile on his chiseled jawline. He's optimistic and cheerful, and has a beautiful smile.
Any girl would be LUCKY to get a Tony.

"Hey Michelle, I heard that you got a new guy. He seems really cool, what's his name?"
-"Oh, that's Tony. He's amazing, I know."

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