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What is important?

The act of arranging a booty call/sex partner to come over to your house.

Yeah, man, I have made all the necessary arrangements for an import tonight; she's coming all the way from Martyland, across state lines...

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Important - what is it?

This is Important How white girls on social media describe things that are not important

@Gabrielle1738: Umm this is important *posts article about her school's mascot*

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What does "important" mean?

fix up a cheap import and make friends instantly. usually people who cant compete intellectually with others squirm their way into the import scene. easiest way to make other meathead friends and compete with other bottomdwelling grunts.

that fool got in the import scene cuz he dont got no real hobbies that require real skill and knowledge.

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Important - what does it mean?

The player-character of the game 'Hatred'.

My name is 'Not Important'

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Important - meaning

immigrant; someone not born in this country

she's an import

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Important - definition

I foreign car rather "fixed up", that hold races on the streets, the track or for show at a car show.

"My badass import is a Toyota Supra."

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Important - slang

Something or someone who affects the course of events or the nature of things. Someone or something significant, vaulable, and meaningful.

Computerized voice: "Your call is important to us, please stand by, an operator will be with you in a moment...(switches to annoying music)".

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The act of becoming so important in ones own reality as to become imortal.

A-Dawgg & Lyndz have reached the very apex of IMPORTALITY.

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Something which, according to President Bush, seem to be coming from overseas.......

"The vast majority of our imports come from outside the country."
- George W. Bush

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The feeling we all get when we put a definition on urban dictionary.

That fuzzy, warm feeling!

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