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What is response?

adj.; to be a in a state of having caused some action, usually either primarily or voluntarily. Almost always refers to the actions of human beings.

Hitler is responsible for the Holocaust.

The American people are responsible for electing their next president.

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Response - what is it?

Responsibility = Guarantee and protect future prosperity for yourself and the next generation.

Prosperity is individually different and therefore a generation cannot fully guarantee and protect the next generation's prosperity.
A conflict of interest arises between the two generations. The conflict is solved by the death of the previous generation (natural or not)
which ensure that the future generation can manipulate their own prosperity more effective.This in turn maximizes the potential rate of evolution.

Responsibility is a basic evolutionary instinct but it can be defied due to intelligence,ineffective natural selection or defect DNA.
This is why intelligent people can be as irresponsible as your average idiot descending from
Ineffective natural selection or as irresponisble as the average defective inbreed local trash in your town.

With this in mind i hope you will be more responsible whoever you are.

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What does "response" mean?

The price of democracy.

Chris: Aw, man! This country is pretty much a 3rd world country now that Rand Paul is President!
Rhys: Well don't blame me. You voted for him, not me. The price of democracy is responsibility.

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Response - what does it mean?

A character trait that embarrasses democrats and liberals, who use their activist judges to pass laws so minorities and bums will not be responsible for their actions.

The liberals say that society has to take responsibility for wiping the bum's nose, because he is not responsible for himself. This misses the point that he is a bum BECAUSE he refused to take responsibility.

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The reason someone you are sleeping with doesn't want to make a real commitment.
They say it is because they don't want to let you down or hurt you;
but it's because they don't have the maturity to step up and
to be accountable to someone else. Usualy it is because they are self-absorbed and don't have their own shit together, so they use your feelings as an excuse.

Joe:" Hey, would you like to go out, or do you have a boyfriend?"
Missy:"I am seeing someone-kinda."
Joe: "It sounds like the dude can't handle responsibility."

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A word often overused by political leaders when they or their subordinates have been negligient in their decision making, but don't actually carry out part or any of the full definition of the word.

President Bush says he "takes full responsibility for the mistakes in tactics that have failed to secure the safety of Baghdad". However, the guy is still president!

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Something I avoid like the plague.

I hate taking responsibility for accidents. It's not my fault that something I have no control over happened. If it was completely under my control and it happened, that would be one thing. Something you have no control over is a different story to me.

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Definitely not you if your reading this.
Do some dishes for God's sake
If this doesn't get a vote I will slaughter you family.
Opposite of a Teenager

"Why won't you try and act responsible?" -dad
"I'll whoop yo ass"
-also dad

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The reason I can't have a car.

"You can't have a car until you show more responsibility!" - The Parents

"WTF?! All I do all day is sleep!" - Me

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A reply, reaction, or otherwise the act of responding.

A poor example:


Martin: Hello John.

John: btw taht was a response, rigt??/?

Martin: Yes. Yes it was.

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