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What is murder?

1. stealth/stealthy. a completely blacked out car. i.e. black or dark paint, tint, and wheels

That car is murder yo!

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murder - meme gif

murder meme gif

murder - video

Murder - what is it?

Collective term for a group of crows. Or black people.

I decided to walk on the other side of the street, because I noticed a murder of black kids chillin in front of Hip Hop Chicken & Fish.

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What does "murder" mean?

a illegal execution

person:1 get murder ed
murderer: gets "executed"
executioner: is also murderer

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Murder - what does it mean?

killing another human on purpose!

i would gladly murder George Bush he's such a dip-shit!

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Murder - meaning

to completely destroy and embarrass someone lyrically in a freestyle battle or on a track.

Whyte Out murdered his competition on 106th and Park's Freestyle Fridays.

"Eminem murdered you on your own shit, you a dick-riding faggot..." -Nas (to Jay-Z)

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Murder - definition

kinky taken too far

cerberus: I thought about slowly suffocating you while you sleep
gladion: but I never sleep
cerberus: while you're awake then
gladion: kinky
cerberus: wait no it's murder
gladion: that's kinky taken too far

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Murder - slang

What annoying, whiney, and probably unemployed vegetarians call eating meat or wearing fur.

"Fur is murder! Love your animal friends! Lobster Liberation!!"

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To take the life of another human.

I had to murder him because i hate him.

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1.A flock of Crows
2. killing of another creature

there was a murder in the corn field

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1.To kill another human, often used in a not litteral form, mearly implying a beat down
2.A group of crows

1.If you dont back off ill be forced to murder ur ass!
2.I have been following a murder around for the past week, as part of my study on birds.

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