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What is sardonic?

1.the act of falling through random objects in the universe.

2.being so high you feel like your legs meshed together and you just became a mermaid.

oh my god dude, i am so high that i'm sardonicating through the couch.

my legs are sardonicating into each other

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Sardonic - what is it?

it's the fancy word for being an asshole

You're such a douchebag that you're bordering on sardonic.

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What does "sardonic" mean?

Implies scorn, mockery, or derision that is manifested by either verbal or facial expression.

Two sisters are talking older sister says " I am sooo special!" Little sister smiles a wicked smile and says "Yes, you ARE special, now go get your helmet your lil' bus in here!" Wow, the older sisters friends say " Your lil' sister is soooo Sardonic"...

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Sardonic - what does it mean?

A form of humour that exists purely to help office workers survive corporate bullshit though the use of sarcasm, cynicism and irony.

Performance Review:

Boss: We're all on the company bus. You've been making some disruptive noises from the back. Are you planning on pressing the bell to get off soon?

Employee: Who's driving the bus? (Sardonic answer to a ridiculous statement)


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Sardonic - meaning

Sardine-like, relating to sassy sardines

I wouldn't say i'm sassy, just a little sardonic. You mean you smell like fish?

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Sardonic - definition

disdainfully erotic or skeptically humorous and vaginal.

When Grey told Brown he was being sardonic, Brown was not aroused.

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