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What is My girl?

Oh My Girl, why would you not like them ? They’re fluffy as HELL. One, may I add is that they are talented as HELL. Two, may I add is that they’re pretty as HELL. Three, may I add, is that they DESERVE ALL THE LOVE.

Friend 1 : oH MY Go-

Me : aye aye aye ! Do not fear my friend, as you shall not use god’s name in vain, here instead of god, say, Oh my girl

Friend 1 : OH have you brought me out of my dark, empty desperation ! Oh my girl it shall be !

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My girl - video

My girl - what is it?

The guy wants to say ,

All I wanted was someone
To care 4 me

All I wanted was someone

Who'd be there 4 me

All I ever wanted was
Someone who'd be true

All I ever wanted was

someone like u.

Hey stupid bot propose my girl.

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What does "My girl" mean?

Oh wait I don't have one. FML

My Girl friend ... FML

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My girl - what does it mean?

Slang for a girls jugs

He is looking at my girls

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My girl - meaning

A Korean Drama that is about, Joo Yoo-rin (Lee Da Hae), and her swindler of a father. When Yoo-rin's father gets chased by the people who he owes money, Yoo-rin goes to work to help with the money her father owes. She is also a great liar and can become friends with anyone she meets.

Seol Gong-chan (Lee Dong Wook) is the grandson of the Seol Woong (Byun Hee Bong) the chairman of the top hotel L'Avenue Hotel. Seol Woong is very ill and wishes to see his missing granddaughter. Gong-chan promises to find his missing cousin and bumps into Yoo-rin. Learning about how good at lying she is and how desperate he needs to find his cousin, Gong-chan is willing to pay Yoo-rin to turn what she does everyday into an act. In need of the money Yoo-rin accepts the offer.

Two more main characters enter the drama Seo Jung-woong (Lee Jun Ki), Gong-chan's best friend since childhood and Kim Seo-hyun (Park Si Yeon), a young woman who loves Gong-chan and tennis.

The addition of these characters add confusion, conflict, sadness and heartbreak.

Bob: Hey, Michelle give me back my "My Girl" that I lent to you.

Michelle: You know what surprises me? Your a boy who watches korean dramas.

Bob: So? Just give it back!

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My girl - definition

When refering to a friends girl as your own, just to piss him off

Hey, check it out...Patryk just showed up with My Girl. How's My Girl doing, Patryk?

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My girl - slang

when a guy tells all your friends that your his, he keeps his eye on u where ever u go, practically on a leash, but still does what he wants, introduces you to all his boys and they say "thats your girl" so lucky, and then he tells you that your the only girl in his life right now and he only wants to be with you, but his real obsession is with the idea of what could be, and what probably is. but your there in front of him waiting like an idiot until he finally can make up his mind, so until then you are just "his girl"

Ray: "damnnnn that girl is fineee"
Mike: "yooo thats my girl man, back off!!"
Ray: "WTF since when u got a girlfriend"
Mike: " nahhh man not my gf yet, just my girl she got a nice rack huh" lol

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My girl

the one you gonna be with and marry in the future

kyra is my girl :)

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My girl

1.shorter way of saying girlfriend
2.a girl best friend

1. Boy: I love my girl.
2. Thats my girl.

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My girl

My girl can be translated as human trafficking of a man that wants underaged girls β€œmy girl” this word can also be used as a noun for the slave

Hey did you see β€œmy girl”

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