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What is arrogant?

a certain person who holds the esteem that they are better than you; haughty;

Pft what an arrogant.

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Arrogant - what is it?

Arrogance is in the eye of the beholder. You can't be too confident. You may very well be better that the rest. Don't let other peoples inadequacies define your behaviour

"If someone else is just as strong and skilled as he is, then he will outplay the opposition with great heart and toughness. This way of thinking is extremely confident but not arrogant. It is the mindset of ultimate achievement. Quote by John Giannini

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What does "arrogant" mean?

something to call a douchuebag whos unbelieveably concieted snobby and WAY too "confident" but secretly is insecure also the type of person you want to punch in the face

dumb arrogant person: Im so awesome :)

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Arrogant - what does it mean?

A person who's insecurity is disguised as confidence. Mostly in cases of taunting.

An extreme sense of self-pride.

Arrogant boy: All the girls want me~

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Arrogant - meaning

A person who makes, a sometimes irrelevant, presumptuous argument inconsiderately of all related topics to said argument and with a sense of self importance that overshadows their ability to comprehend any variation of their own argument, let alone any overriding counter argument of any sort, as at all relevant. For this reason arrogance can be described as a form of delusion. Arrogance can often be confused with complacency. The two are very similar but never cross in any way shape or form for the simple reason that arrogance springs out of an argument that is presumptuous, naive and wrong whereas complacency comes out of an argument presented by an experienced individual who understands that, besides the occasional fluke, the underlying principle on which their argument is based is correct. All who refer to complacency as arrogance therefore are unable to accept any possibility that their own stance is incorrect and are therefore arrogant themselves. Arrogance has a common occurrence in bitching as it is sometimes used as a coping mechanism for people who are highly insecure and is rarely pointed out, to someone's face, by anyone who lacks a backbone.

person 1: Did you hear person 3 got herself knocked up at a party 3 months ago?
person 2: DUDE! Are you serious? Omg
person 1: IKR! Of all the people I know I didn't think person 3 would ever do something so irresponsible. As far as I'm concerned all people who're stupid enough to do something like that at our age don't think about how fucked they are going to be for the rest of their life until they get fucked.
person 2: Dude that is so arrogant like you said person 3's not always so irresponsible in fact she fucking aces every test, she's already tried and been fairly successful at living on her own, and she's now holding up a job that pays Β£70 a week. Stop being such a bitch about her you insecure prick.

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Arrogant - definition

Someone who is full of and thinks very highly of him/herself.

Emperor Evil says:
why do i have to be such a god? ugh

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Arrogant - slang

Someone who believes they are always right, and better than everyone. Also cannot take abuse

The epitome of arrogance is David Punter

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the act of perceiving yourself as being superior and better than others, especially by reaching high sporting teams. Subtle mentions of your high achievements and showing off the etiquette that comes along with making such a team with no reason can be considered arrogant. Mentioning and complimenting your own personal successes during games or training to others, emphasises this point further. no one likes someone who is arrogant.

Tim "Hey, How good was my throwing yesterday?"
Anon "Jesus christ you are arrogant"

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When a person is led to believe that they are in some way more superior to everybody else. Pride is fine up until a point, but as soon as you believe that you are in some special way better than everybody else, you become a dickhead.

Pretty much everybody on (including me) is arrogant.

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Dont care about you or anyone else's opinion or existence. Believes that he/she is better than you/everybody and has the right to judge everyone, but no one is allowed to judge them.

During his interview Lance Armstrong came across as his true self - arrogant and defiant as he’s long been known to be.

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