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What is A dirty?

An adjective or noun that can be used as any word.

I have to use the dirties.(bathroom)
That dog is the dirties.(dumb)

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A dirty - video

A dirty - what is it?

horny, sexually exciting, explicit

That was a dirty movie.

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What does "A dirty" mean?

This sexy beast walks upon mortals stealing only hearts as he is such an attractive mother trucker be careful guys he will steal ya gal

My gf was kidnapped by a dirty will

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A dirty - what does it mean?

a kickass hardcore metal band from south georgia

"Hey, lets go see dirty dirty tonight."

"Hells Yeah!"

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A dirty - meaning

A hot girl who fucks everyone

Luke:She’s hot af
Ben:She’s a dirty dirty dirty dirty whore
Sarah:Hey Daddy and Papi

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A dirty - definition

the city of Atlanta (or A-town)

We don't play around in tha dirty-dirty.

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A dirty - slang

Basically the whole south region of the United States.

ayo which region makin the hottest tracks these days ?
definitely the dirty dirty.

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A dirty

The Dirty Dirty is slang for the dirty sout(texas, tenesee, lousianna, goirga, ect

"Them dirty dirty, show em how the south do!"-words of young buckj

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A dirty

can be used as region of southern U.S. (Bama, Miss, GA, LA, etc.)

also can mean the wettest city in the South: Atlanta

Mike Vike tore it up in the dirty dirty.

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A dirty

Atlanta, GA

"Did you just land at Hartsfield International?"

"Yep! I'm back in the Dirty Dirty! Let's go to the Vortex."

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