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What is dumps?

A common sign that means, contrary to popular belief, that it is illegal to drop off trash in the specified location. This trash may or may not include human fecal matter. This sign will never cease to amuse high school kids.

Joey: "Hey, guess what guys? Check it out! I just put up a "No Dumping" sign above the shitter in the boys' room!"
Marty: "HAHAHA!!! All right! Awesome joke! You da man!"
Kenny: "Yeah dude, that's totally rad!"

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Dumps - what is it?

To have meaningless sex. Refers to "dumping" ones dick in any or all orifices on a girl.

Example 1

John: Hey Andrew what do you think of the new girl?

Andrew: She's not the greatest , but I figure after a six pack I'd dump it in.

Example 2

She wasn't the greatest looking, but I figured I had 20 minutes to kill so I might as well dump it in.

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What does "dumps" mean?

to relese one whole clip of a gun upon an individual

We are going to pull up at 12pm and begin dumping on little jimmy for lying on us.

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Dumps - what does it mean?

taking a shit

"im gonna go take a dump"

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Dumps - meaning

where one partner ends the relationship when the other still wanted to stay together.

mike dumped me last night, im gutted

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Dumps - definition

As in "take a dump, then dump it on your mom"

A pro strat to avoid that situation where you go take a dump, and when you come out people look at you like "I know you just pooped". Take a dump in your pants and give it to your mom to wash, and when shes like "WTF? POOP?!??!?!" Just be like "Woah! How'd that get there?" and walk away. Problem. Solved.

Dude, the other day I just got fed up with people giving me that "I know you just pooped" look, so I dumped in my pants, then dumped it on my mom. The dump and dump

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Dumps - slang

When you short a stock, then get up and take a massive dump, only to come back to see that the stock has gone down a lot (dumped)... so you make a lot of monies.

Tom decided to short AAPL, then felt a little queasy from his Chicken Tikka Masala lunch, so he took a massive poo. AAPL's stock price decided to take a dump simultaneously. Now that is what I call a good ol fashioned Dump and Dump

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short for dumplings.

could i have some soy sauce for these dumps?

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a big ass

that girl has dumps

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Thighs and buttocks that are above average in size and have a attractively round shape. Commonly used in the phrase "she's got dumps in the truck," meaning she has a big ass and thighs.

Person 1: Yo check out that chick right there...she gotta nice ass yo..
Person 2: Damn, that bitch got some dumps in the truck.
Person 3: Word

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