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What is thighs?

When your cat or dog starts licking themselves and they sound like wet thighs slapping on a chair.

"Dude, your cat is thighing again. MUFFIN KNOCK IT OFF GO DO THAT SOMEWHERE ELSE."

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Thighs - what is it?

located below the pelvis and above the knee, the most attractive part of the body ranking #1 favorite body part in India and # 2 in canada. Dr vernon has one Thigh, because he wears socks with sandals. It can also be used to refer to THE THIGHMASTER

"What the Thigh David Blaine?"

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What does "thighs" mean?

Rubbing one's penis against someone's thigh(s), possibly until ejaculation.

I don't know which is hotter: thighing or armpitting.

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Thighs - what does it mean?

Muscular Upperville part of the body. Mostly used for sexual intercourse or people with thigh fetishes like me.

" Young Link's thighs are hot!"

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Thighs - meaning

A portion of the body between the knees and crotch that has an unnatural affinity for cellulite.

Is that a pillowcase full of gravel?
No, those are just my thighs.

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Thighs - definition

mmmmmm yes mmm mmm mmm very good mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yumm mmmmmmmmmmmm gimmie please mmmm thighs

Thighs are hot

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Thighs - slang

To have one lay down on their stomach with both legs together and have another insert his penis between the legs beneath the buttocks area avoiding penetration but providing enough friction and stimulation for the giver to come to an orgasm.

Bam didnt want to penetrate me because he new it would do to much damage so he "thighed me"

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The uppermost part of your legs between the knees and hips and the most sexy part of your body

Some guy is caressing my thighs today started at my knees

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The holy grail of Bucky Barnes

"His thighs tho"

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the upper portion on one's leg; the part of the leg between the knee and the cooch.

the word is thighs.

nice thighs.
lets get back to my house and spread the word!

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