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What is lighter?

When you have 2 faulty lighters, one with a working flint/spark but no gas, the other with gas but no spark. So you have to use both lighters to spark a joint in the ghetto.

Guy 1: Have you got a lighter?

Guy 2: It's a long ting, you have to use both these lighters.

Guy 1: That's cool, pass them here.

Guy 2: WOW! How you spark that splif so fast?

Guy 1: I'm a crackhead don't you think I've used a Ghetto Lighter before!

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Lighter - what is it?

a person who, from habitually pocketing lighters from smoking cigarettes, surreptitiously thieves lighters during group smoking without realizing it, can become notorious.

Scene: Man empties out pockets.


-Why do I keep doing this!?!


-Well cya dude, thanks for smoking us up!

-hold up! Has anyone seen my lighter?


-I can't help it! I'm a lighter thief..

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What does "lighter" mean?

Discrimination based on lighter skin aka lightskins , typically mixed race black and white people , but can occur between lightskin black people as well, alot of times lightskins can face discrimination from darker skin people ,

Lightskin person: damn man lighterism is real out here , we gotta stick together

Darkskin person: bro stop lightskins don't face discrimination

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Lighter - what does it mean?

Faze adapts version of later.

Adapt-What you doin lighter.

Banks-Get the f**k out of my house

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Lighter - meaning

a fruit commonly known as a pineapple.

yesterday I had pizza with lighters on it.

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Lighter - definition

A word used to define a man whose dick has gotten smaller because of long term drug use or cigarette smoking.

I wish he would stopping that shit he's getting lighter.

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Lighter - slang

Somebody with a BDSM bent who has lighted up an interest in it at well before puberty. In other words "as long as they can remember". An innate perv; somebody who really liked to be bound to the pole during play, or to be the one to tighten the knots. Statistically rare.

This trait is somewhat correlated with atypically rigid sexual objects or rituals of desire, as well as political advocacy for "perv rights". As in "no, I can't come until you impale me" or "you might as well fuck off if you can't deal with my feces".

"Dunno, she's just so into the stuff. Maybe she's a lighter or something."

"I just don't understand the thing with the needles." "Relax, that's just a part of him. He's a lighter."

"For the longest time I thought it was just for thrills, but then he told me he's actually a lighter."

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A device used to make fire so I can burn plants and small children after a tweak it a bit to make the fire really big.

-lights the forest on fire- oooooh pretty flame

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A small protion of crack cocaine.

I've got twenty-five lighters on my dresser. I got's to get paid.

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The smoker's tool, besides the pipe.

what's a pipe without a lighter? you got a light? i think the bowls cashed, anyone got fire?

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