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What is the big?

A fabled demigod of great volume, of the darkest shade of skintone. Only God knows how this legend was summoned into the modern world.

Big will just straight up slumped the entire school by eating a whole can of beans in a second flat.

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The big - what is it?

A "big will" can be defined as a massive conjunction of pure testosterone, and the ability to seduce anywoman, even stifler's mom.

big will can be interchanged with any chuck norris joke

Basically a "big will is a Brobdingnagian"

A question one might ask one's self to determine if they know a big will could be,"What happens when big will gets mad?" and if the possible "big will" is an actually big will then the asnwer would be either "big will gets angry, then gets big" or "big will goes and has sexual matters with a woman.

A "big will" ofter goes around telling of information that he recieves from his mom, yet the informetion is ofter misleading or incorrect.

big will can be interchanged with any chuck norris joke

the orginal big will will always be big will netterville

big will can go from soft fuzzy woman tamer to a pure giant in a glass case of emotion

did you see that bus that almost ran over will? yeah i feel bad for it will just got all up and big will-ed that thing

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What does "the big" mean?

not a big deal, not major...

"oops, i'm so sorry i stepped on your toe!"
"hey, no big"

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The big - what does it mean?

A sort of adjective/participle/verb phrase. To be "big on" something is to like it, be a fan of it, etc.

If you're a propenent of something, you're also big on it.

1) "I'm big on history. I really like learning about ancient people and how what they did affects us today."

2) "That congresswoman is really big on spending for schools and education."

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The big - meaning

The size of your dick

Whoa I wish my dick was that big!

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The big - definition

A prefix for anyone who is over 6'0 and quite easily an unstoppable physical force, however, they can usually be stopped emotionally.

Person 1: Who's that?
Person 2: Thats Big Griff

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The big - slang

A more extreme version of β€˜well in.’ Used as an exclamation in response to a significant success/celebration.

Where as β€˜well in’ may be used when a goal is scored at a Premier League football game, β€˜BIG IN’ is used when a goal is scored at the World Cup.

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The big

That good ol’ big big. If you ain’t got that big big, you ain’t no good.

β€œYo bro, do you got that Big Big?”

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The big

The act of exceeding any already seemingly challenging task. Example; Jay-Z not only got BeyoncΓ© to like him, but got her to fuck him as well.

He went big on the cocaine, but he went big on big when he overdosed

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The big

Being a homosexual or enjoying the company of men

Spencer you have the big

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