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What is my friends?

Synonymous with migrainous condition, phrase recognizes the intimate nature of recurrent throbbing headaches that have become part of daily living.

“My friend is back...I am bluer than the sky--hammers are pounding, my mind is exploding static electricity”

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my friends - video

My friends - what is it?

How to secretly code to call someone a mother fucker in an email or txt conversation

Thanks for more work, my friend!

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What does "my friends" mean?

Your name by default if you walk into a shawarma joint

Hello, my friend. What can I get you today, my friend? Shish-taouk? Perfect. That will be ten dollars, my friend. Thank you my friend.

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My friends - what does it mean?

1. A phrase that people use when they're not actually your friend.

(See also: John McCain)

2. A phrase that people use when they are too embarrassed to admit they are talking about themselves.

3. A phrase that people use when they've actually forgotten your name.

1. "My friend, I didn't spend five years as a POW just to see the terrorists get the best of us. And we can't let my opponent get elected ...or the terrorists win."

2. "Hey, I was just wondering... my friend went to Vegas a couple weeks ago and got a really horrible rash on his junk after sleeping with a hooker, and he wants to see a doctor, but he's afraid his wife will see the medical bill and start asking questions. What should he do?"

3. "Hello, uhhh, my friend! How are you?"

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My friends - meaning

*Insert generic Indian guy.jpg

My friending would like to hear about our humdilyskumdily humdilyskumdily humdilyskumdily EXTENDED CARD WARRANTY OoooooOooooooOoooooooOooooOoooooooo

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My friends - definition

just a bunch of fuckers who think unfairly, are ignorant and have different agendas

my friends are back-stabbing, annoying, homeless, junkies, boozehounds, desperate, suicidal, posers, arrogant, bitchy, and last but not least really young

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My friends - slang

In commercials/ads, often famous announcers, celebrities and spokespeople will coin the phrase "my friends at...". In other words, this means that that company pays them a lot of money.

I'm Thom Brennaman, "My friends at Colter Cadillac have the best selection in town."

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My friends


Me: i’m gonna go see my friends at a party or something
Me walking into a party: hey guys, I’m her-
Also me: oh wait i have no friends
* cries in mo bamba *

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My friends

the beginning of every sentence John Mccain makes

My friends, I'm an old fart and can't run a country for shit. And if I could, I'd die in my first year in office.

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My friends

The little voices inside your head you have daily conversations with.

the voices inside my head are my friends. they tell me the most amazing things.

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