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What is Moodle?

A hairstyle, in which indie boys have short hair at the back but a long, sometimes curly, fringe at the front.

The opposite of a mullet.

The word is an abreviation of 'man-poodle' which describes the poofy-ness of the fringe.

girl: you know that type of fringe like thing indies have?
boy: you mean when they have all shorter hair but a long flowing, slightly gungy front thing?
girls: Yeah thats it.
boy: Its called a Moodle
girl: OHHHHH *mind wave of awesomness*

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Moodle - meme gif

Moodle meme gif

Moodle - video

Moodle - what is it?

A worm like creature that attatches its self to the bollock of another mammal.

Oh deary me Geoffrey , i do believe to have contracted Moodles.

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What does "Moodle" mean?

A science homework site that a science teacher would force his students to do


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Moodle - what does it mean?

A man who likes to cuddle with girls and/or "boo-love".

"Yo, where is Alex tonight?"

"He's hanging out with his girlfriend..."

"Damn, what a moodle!"

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Moodle - meaning

a cross between a man and a poodle.. makes a great can walk him, train him and feed him but you'll never sleep with him..only good for companionship

John is the best friend a girl can ask for..Hes soo reliable and trainable.... im never going to sleep with him but hes make a GREAT MOODLE :)

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Moodle - definition

A Moodle is a disembodied gremlin with arms but no legs. It never smiles and is often crying, possibly due to failing all online quizzes. It's face is always always serious and sad. Although he constantly cries, there are no tears. His face looks something like this: ಠ_ಠ . He walks around by using his arms to manipulate stilts with webbed flippers on the end of them.

The moodle is not capable of coherent speech. Instead, it mumbles to itself, using words like VSEPR, NU, Lambda and other incoherent terms to express its' thoughts and feelings. That is, if it had any. The Moodle's mind has gone to mush after recent chemistry and physics test. He is usually confused, seen wandering the 7A wing.

Guy 1: Hey dude what the hell was that
Guy 2: That's a moodle
Guy 1: It must have gone insane after the last test.

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Moodle - slang

A shitty software system for schools that is supposed to allow instructors to post things, but, in fact, Moodle will just say it posted it and sent it to the students. But it really didn't.

Did you get the assignment for Zayne last week?
It was on Moodle!

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A website teachers use because they are trying to be "green" and not waste paper.

Guys, your homework is on the Moodle!" "Okay, well what happens when an anti-technology terrorist blows up the internet?

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An online website used for students to access resources and homework from classes.

In reality, it sounds like something a little kid would say on a playground.

*kid runs up to parent, crying*
Mommy, that boy moodled me!

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a man-poodle. women like to walk the moddle, feed the moodle, play with the moodle, but they never do the moodle

dude your such a moodle. your never gonna get laid with that chick

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