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What is what the hell?

Hip Hop group formed during the mid 1990's by members Mad Child and Flipout.

Mad Child and Flipout were great in the group What The Hell?

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what the hell - video

What the hell - what is it?

Phrase meaning what on earth is going on or i can't believe any body can do something that stupid

Jack one day said to me Don't argue logic with me I'll win i immedetly thought WHat the hell and started to laugh obsessively at him.

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What does "what the hell" mean?

Expression of surprise, anger, or both.

Obnoxious girl jabbering away on her cell phone runs into you, knocking your drink onto your shirt.

You: "What the hell?!?!"

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What the hell - what does it mean?

A phrase commonly used in polls. If you see "What the hell is this?" as a poll option, it would usually have a lot of votes.

Also means "What is this?," but funnier.

What do you think about this site?
Ummmm, not bad
Best one
What the hell is this?

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What the hell - meaning

not believing. shocked.

stupidperson: hilary duff rox!
me: what the hell?! are u drunk? she sux!

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What the hell - definition

A phrase used to express anger, surprise or ecstasy and to replace the word "what". (Note: this word may be considered rude by some people and should be avoided in both speech and writing. A kinder way to use this is "what the heck".

What the hell?! That guy just fricking lost his bat when he already had 2 outs! Is he mad?

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What the hell - slang

expression of surprise. incregulous. shocked. Eqivalent to saying "what on earth" or "What Gives".
Considered a swear in some backward remote religious communities, like Texass.

man sees car crash: What the hell.
wife: 10% off ?! i'll get 2.
husband: what the hell.

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What the hell

when someone say something weird and you say what the hell???? See What the fuck

Person1: walking "all of a sudden" im gay

bystander; WHAT THE HELL??

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What the hell

What happen?, What is this stupid thing?

I see a crowd who focus on a person in the road. So i ask my friend who is in there: "What the hell in here"

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What the hell

a phrase/reaction to something that is strange/abnormal to the person/you, usually when you see some weird shit.

Matt:what the hell? Mike & Angela are kissing?
Daren:now that's some weird shit, what the hell.

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