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What is blows?

1.Giving a minimum of two blow jobs in one week

2.When you do something that screws up your whole summer leading into your freshman year.
Side Effects: obesity

Bro 1: Kaleigh blew me at the park last night!
Bro 2: She blew me this morning
Bro 3: She's blowing me tomorrow!
C.M.: She really blows to blow.

Bro 96: I don't get girls.
Bro 69: Blows to blow.

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Blows - what is it?

Going Blow for Blow can mean

Going for a punch while being handed a punch
For example let's say you are person A and person A hits Person B. Person B hits Person A right after Person A sends a punch to Person B, and it's just this repeated process of handing punches right to each other without any sort of defense or hesitation.

We also have blow for blow in a figurative sense, a prank war is a great example of this. As Person A rips a page out of Person B's favorite book, Person B breaks Person A's favorite pencil. It's just a constant battle of retaliation


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What does "blows" mean?

to exhale deeply on a mans genital area.

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Blows - what does it mean?

Wow, amazingly, that both sux and blows at the same time!

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Blows - meaning

a word meaning something/someone genuinally bites the big one.

wow, britney spears really blows

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Blows - definition

a street slang term for pre-packaged usually synthetic heroin sold in ten-dollar denominations.

"blows! blows! park"

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Blows - slang

Something that completely sux and is not fun at all.

Liz-This fuckin blows im outta here.

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meaning that you dont like something and it everyone is unhappy with it. the world would be a better place without it...

also meaning blow-jobs, or to suck on a males lower middle extremity

these two definitions may be used together to describe the utter lack of use for something

basketball blows monkey balls....

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Term used for heroing (blow is cocaine... blows are heroin) in powder form that is insufflated.

"Dude, we went up to the tip and got some blows."

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see sucks

your project blows

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